⚠️ On September 27, 2022, Octane AI will end support for (i.e. deprecate) our Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads features so we can focus on our zero-party data and artificial intelligence features.


This integration allows you to collect Facebook Messenger opt-ins in Octane AI through your Justuno promotions.

Table of Contents

1. Integrating Justuno

1.1. Customizing the Welcome Message

2. Additional Resources

1. Integrating Justuno

Integrating Octane AI into Justuno can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Open the promotion in Justuno that you would like to add Octane AI to.

  2. In the editor, click Add Layer then Plugins.

  3. In the next screen, select Facebook Messenger Checkbox or Facebook Messenger Button.

  4. Drag-and-drop the plugin to finalize its placement on the promotion.

  5. With the plugin selected, find the Integration Type menu on the right and select Octane AI.

  6. (Optional) if you're using a non-Shopify store, you can select the "Custom" integration type and enter 1049328398470108 into the facebook App ID field.

Here are some important notes about this integration:

  • If you use the checkbox, a double opt-in is required but the button will be single opt-in.

  • The plugin will be watermarked with "FPO" on the preview and can only be interacted with on the published promotion.

  • After integration, the welcome message for Justuno opt-ins can be customized in Octane AI.

1.1. Customizing the Welcome Message

You can customize the welcome message for the Justuno plugin by going to Octane AI's Integrations page.

From there, find Justuno and click on Actions, then Customize.

From there, you'll be able to customize the double and single opt-in welcome messages that someone receives in Facebook Messenger once they opt in.

These settings will only be applied to the subscribers obtained through the Justuno integration.

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2. Additional Resources

Getting started with Facebook Messenger

Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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