Facebook has restrictions around promotional messages. A person can be sent promotional messages within 24 hours of their last interaction and then one message after that. 

At Octane AI we work hard to make sure your campaigns work within Facebook's limits and work for you. This sometimes means making tweaks to campaigns to meet these limits. Read on if you want to understand the details of how and why we do this.

Let's say a user opts in on your store and then leaves. Two days later they come back to your store and add something to their cart. Based on Facebook's promotional limits you can send them one promotional message so they will get an abandoned cart message. However, Facebook limits that to literally be one message.

If you look at your cart abandonment message it will look something like this:

So in the case that only one message is allowed by Facebook instead of simply sending the first part (Hey! You forgot something!) we just send the most important part -- the part with the items in their cart and the button to checkout. 

Same goes for the browse abandonment messages:

Keep in mind, this is only relevant for that specific situation. If someone opts into the bot and adds something to their cart immediately, they can get the full cart abandonment/browse abandonment message because they are within that 24 hour time period. 

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