Octane AI dashboard home is the default page you will see when you login to Octane AI. You will see your overview stats, be able to access all the features in your bot and can see our latest news. Note: This dashboard home is only accessible for bots with Shopify connected. 

On your dashboard, you can see total revenue, messenger revenue, the number of active users and the number of followers.

For more stats visit the Analytics page.

From your dashboard, you can create campaigns that can help you grow your bot and engage your bot followers:

Learn more about the campaigns in the following articles:

Opt-In Tools

You can also turn on opt-in tools that can help you opt-in more customers to your bot.

Learn more about each widget in the following articles:
Order status page button
Welcome pop-up
Add to cart pop-up
Customer chat widget
Add to cart checkbox
Website capture
Comment Capture

Set up Flows to market and convert your customers.

Learn more on our Flows:
Abandoned cart messages
Order Confirmations
Shipping notifications
Marketing opt-in
Get started message
Custom flows

Facebook Ads
Here you can see the Facebook ads you've created, whether they're Click to Messenger ads or Sponsored Messages. 

You can also create new ads from this section!

Learn more about Facebook Ads and how to create conversational ads here.

You can see the list of your latest convos

To learn more about convos check out this article.

See and access your lists that allow you to segment customers based on behavior or other data.

To find out more about lists check out our Lists tutorial.

Customer Care
You can also find customer care features that can help you build great customer service into your bot. 

Learn more about each of these in the following tutorials:
Smart Responses
Convo recommendations

Here you can see all of your connected apps. View, edit, connect, or disable apps from the home page.

To learn more about our integrations, check out this overview of all apps.

Latest News
At the bottom of the dashboard, you will find links to our latest news, product announcements, tips and more from the Octane AI team.

To see all of our announcements and news check out the Octane AI Blog

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