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Facebook ads are a great way to promote your bot on Facebook in order to acquire more followers or engage your current audience.

There are two types of Facebook ads you can create through Octane AI:

  1. Click to Messenger ads

  2. Sponsored messages

What is the difference between these two ad types and when should I use them?

With click to Messenger ads, you can reach new people in order to acquire more bot followers, collect new emails to sync them with Klaviyo, drive new sales etc.

The moment someone interacts with your click to Messenger ad the follow-up message will automatically be sent to them in Messenger. For example, if you use click to Messenger ads to drive sales, you will not only be driving extra revenue, but you will be building an audience on Facebook Messenger that you can interact with moving forward.

Sponsored messages allow you to send a message to anyone who has talked to your Facebook page before. They are a great way to re-engage your current audience.

Sponsored messages are the perfect way to promote your new products, collect data, announce sales or any other important news about your store.

Can Octane AI create custom audiences for my Facebook ads?
Once you have connected your ads account, you can create custom audiences from any Octane AI Customers lists. For All followers list, the custom audience will be created automatically. For specific lists you want to add you can go into Customers, click the list you want to add, click Edit list and then toggle the option to "Create Facebook custom audience" for that list:

What permissions do I need to use Octane AI ads?
You will need to be an admin of the Facebook ad account and the Facebook page in order to use Octane AI Facebook ads. 

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