Once your customer has completed their purchase, they are taken to the order status page (this is also sometimes referred to as the Thank You page). This opt-in tool adds a section to your order status page which lets customers opt in to get order confirmation and shipping updates on Messenger. 

Once they click on the button, they will automatically become the bot subscribers.

How can I enable the order status page button?

In order to enable this button on your store, simply go to Facebook Messenger → Website widgets page in your left side menu: 

If you have FB Pixel installed on your store, you can track Octane AI opt-ins and create custom conversions and audiences based on these events. For each opt-in, the name of the event includes the [Octane AI] prefix, the name of the source and the word "opt-in" at the end, e.g. [Octane AI] Order status page button opt-in. It looks like this on the Events list:

How can I customize this opt-in tool?

If you wish to customize the appearance, go to the opt-in tools page, locate the order status page button, click on the Customize button at the bottom of the window and open the editor where you can edit the wording, customize the call to action text, and even change the color and the size of the button.

How can I customize the placement of this opt-in tool?

By default, this opt-in tool is rendered on your order status page above the last element in .section__content .content-box. To customize its location, create an element with #octane-order-widget i.e. <div id="octane-order-widget"></div> and we'll place it there.

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