If you want to have your customer service team handle conversations the bot doesn't understand, the Re:amaze integration is a perfect fit for you.

How can I set up the integration?

This is an automated integration, the only thing you need to do after connecting Re:amaze to your Facebook page is to make sure that Octane AI is set as the primary receiver and Re:amaze as the secondary receiver.

The secondary receiver is part of Facebook's new Handover Protocol, and here is an explanation from Facebook on how that works:

“The Messenger Platform's handover protocol enables two or more Facebook apps to participate in a conversation by passing control of the conversation between them. This feature can be used in many ways to enrich your Messenger experience. For example, this protocol makes it possible for a Page to simultaneously use one Facebook app to build a bot for handling automated responses, and another Facebook app for customer service with live agents.”

To make sure everything is set up properly go to your Facebook Page's settings page. Click on the "Messenger Platform", go to Connected Apps, click on the Configure button and make sure that receivers are set like on the picture bellow:

How does it work?

Re:amaze will automatically keep conversations resolved if the bot responds with any message.  If the bot does not respond to the customer’s last message the conversation will be considered as unresolved and it will be sent to your Inbox in Re:amaze.

This means you want to make sure you are not setting up your bot to reply to a customer question it doesn't understand.

We recommend you use our common questions template in order to redirect users to customer support. Here is an example on how you would set it up:

  1. Go to Smart responses

  2. Find “Can I talk to someone template?”

3. Click on the + button to edit the reply, add the bot response and save the change

So once someone says to the bot any of these or similar variations, the bot will trigger a smart response asking them what they need help with and the message they type in will be sent to your re:amaze inbox. 

*Note: if you do not wish to use this smart response template for your customer support, please make sure that this template is not turned on.

You can also add this option in any user-facing part of your bot, for example you can add it as a quick reply to your welcome message, you can link it in the tangent of any convo where you may think users would have additional questions etc.

Please make sure that the “Any unrecognized message” option in smart responses is disabled. To learn how to disable this feature, check out this article.

Here's a link to Re:amaze's documentation about Octane AI integration.

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