SMS messaging is available all plans and it is charged based on the number of SMS messages sent from your bot. Octane AI SMS is one-way only, so you won't receive or be charged for any replies sent by customers.

The cost of each SMS depends on what kind of number you have:

  1. Long code: $0.012 per message

  2. Toll-free: $0.010 per message

  3. High-throughput Toll-free: $0.009 per message

  4. Shortcode: $0.0085.

One SMS message is 160 characters long. If you exceed 160 characters, this will count as another SMS but will still be displayed as a single text for recipients.

Your cost will be based on how many SMS messages you send, which is displayed beneath your SMS preview:

Am I charged for SMS during my free trial?

Yes, if you use SMS features during your free trial, SMS charges will apply. SMS pricing also applies equally to all SMS features.

For more info on all Octane AI plans and pricing check out the Pricing page.

How do I gather SMS subscribers?

You can gather SMS subscribers through the following methods:

  1. Through your shop quiz.

  2. With onsite pop-ups.

SMS messages are currently available in the USA and Canada only. Other countries are coming soon.

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