SMS messaging is available for Pro and Enterprise plans and it is charged based on the number of SMS messages sent from your bot. You don’t get charged for messages your customers send back to your bot. 

SMS messaging is charged based on the plan you choose, so for Pro plan, the cost of one SMS is $.02 while on the Enterprise plan one SMS message is $.012.

One SMS message is 160 characters long. When you send out a message, more than one SMS message can be combined into a longer message for modern phones as you can see in the preview. Your cost will be based on how many SMS messages you send and you can see it as you type your message:

Which plan is right for me?

You should use the Pro plan if your estimate sending up to 100,000 SMS messages per month.

The Enterprise Plan is ideal for SMS heavy-merchants, so if you want to send more than 100.000 SMS messages, and if it exceeds the number of Facebook Messenger messages you send, you will for sure prefer bulk pricing in the Enterprise plan.

For more info on all Octane AI plans and pricing check out  the Pricing page.

*Please note that for now, SMS messages are available only in the USA and Canada, other countries are coming soon.


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