There are three ways customers can opt-in to become your SMS subscribers:

  1. Opt-in through Shopify checkout
  2. Opt-in through bot
  3. Import numbers

It a customer enters their phone number in their shipping address or your checkout form, and have enabled the checkbox that subscribes to promotional news, they'll automatically be opted into SMS.

You can find settings and options for this in your Shopify store's backend. Just navigate from to Settings ➡️ Checkout

Here's what you'll need to do to get set up.

1. Make sure customers can check out with their phone number. 

This lets customers enter their phone number for their contact information, which will opt-in customers if a number isn't entered in the shipping form.

2. Enable the phone number field for the shipping form. 

This option will add a phone number field to the shipping portion of your checkout form, which is also viable for SMS opt-ins. 

3. Enable the marketing news opt-in checkbox. 

In the "Email marketing" section of your Checkout settings, you can enable the checkbox that allows a customer to opt-in to SMS. An option to have the checkbox preselected by default is available as well.

How do I change the text in the checkbox terms or phone number labels? 

At the bottom of your Checkout settings screen, you'll find the Checkout language section. Click on the "Manage checkout language" button.

The contact email / phone number field can be changed near the top of the page:

If you set a phone number to be required in your shipping form, the "Phone label" field will be used. If you set a phone number to be optional instead, the "Optional phone label" field will appear in checkout. 

The text in the marketing news checkbox located under the contact form can be updated in the "Accept marketing checkbox label" form, which is found in the Checkout marketing section of this page.

For example:

After you enter text into one of the labels' forms, you'll have to save your changes at the top of the page.

Here's an example of what the label looks like on the user-end:

For more information on how SMS features work with Octane AI, check out this article.

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