Let's navigate to Octane AI's back-end for a quick platform tour. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will: 

  • Take a look at the dashboard

  • Review some features 

  • Set-up your Welcome message

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Welcome to Octane AI’s back-end - this is the control center for your bot 🚀

The left-nav bar 

Through the left-nav bar, you can navigate to any of Octane AI's features, as well as access some important links under the Quick Links and Help sections 

  • Quick Links: Instantly test your bot by clicking on "Your bot" or manage your account's admins.

  • Help: Take a look at resources we offer to maximize your bot's potential with links to our Help Center, the Playbook and Facebook community. 

One page we'd really familiarizing yourself with is the analytics page. The analytics page contains detailed information about your bot's income and user data that can't be found on other pages. 

Analytics: a quick look 

The analytics page is the central hub where you can get a detailed overlook on your bot's performance.

At the top of the page, you'll be able to see your all-time stats for total revenue and subscribers. These numbers will always reflect the total and are known as "all-time stats".

Most of the other numbers on your page are shown for the date range selected by your date picker settings:

Tip: use the "Today so far" to see the revenue and subscriber data your bot has gathered for the current day. 

A new bot won't have many numbers built-up just yet, so that's the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the analytics that are offered. 

What is the Welcome message?

The Welcome message is the first thing customers will see when they begin interacting with your bot. 

You can customize your Welcome message just like any other convo, which really makes the Welcome message a dynamic starting place for interacting with your bot. For example, you can design the message to lead to the main menu.

Setting up the Welcome message

Let's set up your Welcome message! To start, find the Welcome message page under Facebook Messenger → Flows in your dashboard menu. 

Here, you'll see the interface that lets you create, update or disable your Welcome Message. There are three important elements of your Message that you can edit here:

  • Bot Description: This is a small message that will display before a user has opted into your bot.

  • Welcome messagee: The gray tabs are the messages that your bot will send the customer after they opt in.

  • Replies: The blue-and-white tabs are responses to the bot that the user can select. These let you guide users to certain links, increase engagement and create even create branching conversations.

In our example, we used Replies to show the user our Main Menu. However, there's a lot more features you can integrate into a Reply. Here's a peek at some of them: 

Tangents are an important type of Reply you can create. With Tangents, you can create an entirely new branch for users to interact with!

Go ahead and create your Welcome message now! 📝

NEXT UP: Opt-ins: How do I increase bot subscribers?
Optional Video: Adding Octane AI to your Shopify Store
Optional Video: Switching to Octane AI

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