Let's navigate to Octane AI's back-end for a quick platform tour. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will: 

  • Tour the platform and analytics
  • Set-up your Get Started message
  • Quick intro to Main Menus

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Welcome to Octane AI’s back-end - this is the control center for your bot 🚀

Here you can create, make changes, see the effectiveness, and learn about more ways to use Octane AI. 

On the homepage you have access to Octane AI’s main features and web widgets (we’ll learn about both later).

On the left side-menu, you have access to Octane AI’s main features, as well as Quick Links and Help resources. 

Within Quick Links, you can click Try Bot to preview your bot at any time or use admins to invite others by email to be an admin for the bot. Within Help, you can easily access our help center, tutorials, support, or learn more about Octane AI through the Master Class and Facebook community.

Let’s take a look at the Analytics section.

You can view Revenue and Usage analytics. In Revenue analytics you can see the revenue that your bot is generating. You can also see the revenue your Flows are generating (we’ll learn about Flows and how to set them up later).

In Usage analytics, you can see the engagement your customers have with your bot. You can even see a gender breakdown of who’s messaging your bot!

Set-up Your Get Started Message

Let’s set-up the first message your bot will send to a customer. Here’s an example:

If a customer hasn’t messaged your bot before, they will be welcomed by this automated message after clicking “Get Started”. Here, you can give your brand a voice or customize it anyway you like. The customer can then choose from quick replies that you’ve set-up. 

What I’ve done below, is connected my Main Menu after the customer clicks a quick reply. We’ll learn about the Main Menu in depth later. The Main Menu is a dynamic place where you can showcase important links or convos to the customer.

In the back-end under Settings, you can find the Main Menu. Under Flows, you can find your Get Started flow.

Navigate to the Get Started section under Flows to customize the initial message that will send to customers.

When editing any type of bot message, the Grey will always be what the bot will send to the customer while the blue is the quick reply the customer will be able to select. To interact with the bot, customers must choose quick replies to continue the conversation. 

If they type an answer, the bot can urge them to keep within the conversation or you can set-up automated replies - we’ll learn about bot interruptions and responses in Customer Care.

Below, I’ve continued the conversation so that after a customer clicks “Cool!” my message will send with the Main Menu attached. 

You can add more text, photos, links, etc by clicking the Grey (+) button on the left under Main Menu.

To add a new quick reply, press the blue (+) button beside the set-up responses. When creating a new reply, you can type text which will appear as a reply option for the customer. 

You can also create a Tangent, pictured below. When creating a tangent, you can branch the conversation and write a response that will only trigger if that quick reply is chosen. By creating tangents, you can make the conversation between the bot and customer more interactive and personalized.

Go ahead and create your Get Started message now! 📝

NEXT UP: Opt-ins: How do I increase bot subscribers?
Optional Video: Adding Octane AI to your Shopify Store
Optional Video: Switching to Octane AI

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