Learn about the ways customers can opt-in to your bot. The more opt-ins you encourage, the more successful your bot will be! You can follow the video or walkthrough below.

In this section we will:

  • Learn about the ways customers can opt-in through your Shopify site
  • Learn about the ways customers can opt-in outside of your Shopify site
  • Turn on opt-in methods
  • Create a welcome pop-up
  • Create a website capture code

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What is an Opt-in?

An Opt-in is a way that the customer agrees to receive communications from you through Messenger. It’s similar to someone adding their email to an email list!

After someone is opted-in they become a subscriber to your bot. This means you can send them news updates, promotional messages, their order status and more!

The more ways for customers to opt-in = more bot subscribers you’ll have = more ROI from the initiatives you run 🤑

There are many ways customers can opt-in to your bot, directly from your Shopify site or through other initiatives (we’ll learn about ways to opt-in outside of Shopify in other sections of this series).

Ways for a customer to opt-in on your Shopify site

Other ways to encourage opt-ins

Let’s go over the ways a customer can opt-in through your Shopify site. 

Order Status Page Button: After a customer has made an order, turning on this method will add a section so that customers can opt-in to receive order updates through Messenger.

Welcome Pop-up: The first time someone visits your site you can offer them a welcome message or discount code through Messenger. Once they click the call to action, it will trigger a message from your bot where they will be given a message with a discount code. We’ll create a welcome pop-up below.

Add to Cart Pop-Up: When a customer clicks add to cart, you can customize a pop-up to encourage them to opt-in to Messenger.

Customer Chat Widget: On your site you can allow your customer to chat directly with your bot. When they begin the conversation they are opted-in and can continue the conversation directly on your site. This is also a great way to have customers ask support questions to the bot as they shop. We’ll talk about setting up responses to questions in Customer Care.

Add to Cart Checkbox: Turning on this opt-in method will add a checkbox below your Add to Cart button that a customer can use to opt-in to your bot.

Exit Intent Pop-up (Pro & Enterprise Plans): Encourages a customer to subscribe to your Messenger when they take actions that indicate they're intending to leave your site. 

Website Capture: You can generate code for a pop-up or button that you can add anywhere on your site.

Facebook Comments: This is an opt-in method not on your Shopify site, but from your Facebook page. You can opt Facebook followers into your bot when they comment on your Facebook posts. We'll learn about this in depth and set up Global Facebook Comments later in this series.

To turn on or edit any of these opt-in methods, you can navigate to your Home page and scroll down to Opt-in Tools.

You can also access them from the Opt-in tools section in the left side menu.

How to Set-up a Welcome Pop-Up

Let’s go ahead and set-up a welcome pop-up. By clicking on welcome pop-up, you can edit how the pop-up will appear to first time visitors. Change the colour to match your brand, the call to action, and add in a Discount Code that you’ve created in your Shopify Back-end already. 

If you haven’t created a discount code yet, you can navigate to your Shopify back-end and under Discounts create a new code for customers who use this opt-in method.

You can now customize how the pop-up will look after the customer successfully opts-in to your bot.

As well, where the welcome pop-up will be placed or excluded from on your website.

And finally, you can customize the message that will be sent to customers through Messenger from your bot after they opt-in. 

Think about the best opt-in methods for your store. Now, you can navigate to Home and scroll down to Opt-in tools to turn opt-ins on and edit them for your brand.

Keep in mind where customers navigate to most and how you can encourage more opt-ins. Remember, the more opt-ins and subscribers you have, the more effective your bot will be!

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Optional Video: Adding Octane AI to your Shopify Store
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