Let's learn about the ways customers can opt-in to your bot. The more opt-ins you encourage, the more successful your bot will be!

In this section we will:

  • Take a look at each opt-in feature.

  • Learn where to find your opt-in tool settings.

  • Create a welcome pop-up.

What is an opt-in?

An opt-in is a way that the customer agrees to receive communications from you through Messenger. It’s similar to someone adding their email to an email list.

After someone is opted-in they become a subscriber to your bot. This means you can send them news updates, promotional messages, their order status and more!

The more ways for customers to opt-in, the more bot subscribers and ROI from the initiatives you run 🤑

Customers have a lot of ways they can subscribe to your Messenger. We'll mainly be taking a look at opt-in tools that integrate with Shopify, but don't worry - we'll take a closer look at other options in later articles. Check out any of the links below for a deep dive into each of these opt-in methods!

Shopify opt-in tools

Other ways to encourage opt-ins

Shopify opt-in tools

Let’s go over the ways a customer can opt-in through your Shopify website.

If you have FB Pixel installed on your store, you can track several Octane AI opt-ins (Welcome pop-up, Exit intent pop-up, Add to cart pop-up, Order Status Page button and Add to cart checkbox) and create custom conversions and audiences based on these events. For each opt-in, the name of the event includes the [Octane AI] prefix, the name of the source and the word "opt-in" at the end, e.g. [Octane AI] Welcome pop-up opt-in. It looks like this on the Events list:

NOTE: You can create multiple versions for each type of pop-ups listed below. All you need to do is to set unique rules for each pop-up and customize designs for different devices:

It is possible to create a pop-up with an opt-in and without a discount code. If you don’t want to include a discount code and you only want to inform the customers about e.g. free shipping for all the orders placed in December, you need choose a pop-up without a discount:

  • Welcome pop-up: The first time someone visits your store you can offer them a welcome message or discount code through Messenger. Once they click the call to action, a message from your bot will trigger with a discount code. We'll create the welcome pop-up later in this article. If potential customer closes the pop-up without any action, they will be able to see the Exit pop-up and/or Add to cart pop-up.

  • Exit intent pop-up: Encourages a customer to subscribe to your Messenger when they take actions that indicate they're intending to leave your site.

  • Add to cart pop-up: This tool creates a pop-up that lets customers subscribe to your bot after adding an item to their cart, with the full customization options that the welcome and exit intent pop-ups offer.

  • Add to cart checkbox: Turning on this opt-in method will add a useful checkbox below your Add to Cart button that a customer can use to opt-in to your bot.

  • Order status page button: This opt-in method appears on the order confirmation page, giving customers a way to opt into your bot while also subscribing to order status updates.

  • Customer chat widget: The chat widget lets customers start messaging your bot from your store. Beginning the conversation will opt them in and they'll be able to seamlessly continue engaging your bot on the website.

Tip: This is a great way to provide support to customers on your website. You can read about how to train automated responses for your bot here.

  • Custom Messenger button: You can generate code for a pop-up or button that you can add anywhere on your site. This code isn't exclusive to Shopify - you can use it on a non-Shopify website as well!

Opt-in tools you can use outside of your website

  • Comment capture: Comment captures get opt-ins on your Facebook page, rather than your website. With this feature, your bot will be able to ask users if they'd like to subscribe to Messenger once they've posted a comment. We'll take a closer look at this and set up Global Facebook Comments later in the series.

  • Email pop-ups: If you're currently using JustUno or Privy, Octane AI integrates with both apps! Check out detailed guides on each integration in the links above.

How do I turn on an opt-in tool?

Turning on an opt-in tool is super easy. You can navigate to the specific opt-in tool page through the dashboard menu on the left. Each tool you've set up will display a switch that will instantly turn the tool on or off.

Tip: Facebook ads are managed on their own webpage, which you can access on dashboard menu as well.

How to setup a welcome pop-up

Welcome pop-ups are one of the most effective ways to gather more subscribers. Let's go ahead and set this opt-in tool up to give your bot a head start!

First, you'll have to create a discount code in your Shopify store, which is required for the welcome pop-up to work correctly.

Next, let's navigate to the welcome pop-up's Edit page. You can get there by clicking on the "Edit" button for the pop-up you want to edit on the welcome pop-up page:

From here, you can edit your pop-up all on one page! Your customization options are split into three sections:

  1. Discount message: The message your bot sends customers who choose to receive the discount in Messenger upon opting in.

  2. Design: Customize the visual aspects of your pop-up.

  3. Placement: Decide where and when your pop-up will appear.

Now, let's set up your discount message. This is where you'll be using the code you created earlier. You can keep it simple, or flourish your discount message with links and images.

Next, you'll see the design area. Any changes you make to the image, text or color will be instantly displayed in the Preview which shows you what the pop-up will look like on your website.

Finally, let's decide how your pop-up will be placed. You can choose to have the pop-up show when a user visits any of your webpages for the first time, or you can choose specific ones like your home page.

Tip: Use keywords to have your pop-up show only on related webpages! Remember that you can set up multiple pop-ups and create rules for each one.

Once your pop-up has been set up, you'll be able to easily turn it on or off through the home page at any time.

Opt-in tools can do a lot to grow your audience and increase revenue, so it's worth thinking about the best ways to use each one.

Keep in mind where customers navigate to most, and how you can encourage more opt-ins. Remember, the more opt-ins and subscribers you have, the more effective your bot will be!

Opt-in channels

Through Octane AI's pop-ups, you can gather Messenger, Email and SMS opt-ins. Each of these pop-ups can be customized in terms of design, content and placement to match your brand.

While editing your pop-up, you can add or remove opt-in channels with a simple checkbox and reorder them with a drag-and-drop interface. You can also make SMS and Email opt-ins optional while Messenger pop-ups are optional by default.

If you're using Octane AI's Klaviyo integration, emails you gather will automatically sync into Klaviyo and you'll be able to choose the list emails are sent into as well.

To learn more about each opt-in channel, check out this article.

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