Learn about our Customers feature and how you can use Customers to better target messages to an audience. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will: 

  • Learn about Customers feature

  • Create an automatically generated list from a customer reply

  • Create a manual list

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What is the Customers feature?

Customers is a powerful feature that you can use to target your audience when sending messages through features like Broadcasts or Flows. You can use lists from you can find in the Customers feature to send customers more personal messages based on their preferences and answers.

On the Homepage, navigate to Customers in the left side-menu. Here, you can see all of your lists. By default, your All Subscribers list will have the information for all subscribers to your bot. At any time, you can see who’s on the list or export them to a CSV. 

There are two types of Customers lists

  • Targeting: these lists are automatically populated based on the filters you set. 

  • Manual List: Created manually through the lists page by targeting

A list by targeting

You can create an automatically generated list by selecting the two figures beside a quick reply. When a customer selects the quick reply, they will be added to the list you’ve selected or the new list you’ve created. 

After selecting the lists in the quick reply, you can add customers who click that reply to an existing List or create a new List with a name you’ll be able to recognize later.

This is especially useful when asking the customer questions so you know the audience that will be most receptive to products or campaigns, here are some examples: 

  • Customer selecting “Dancewear” When asked “Do you often shop for leisure or for dancewear?”

  • Customer selecting “Yes!” When asked “Would you like a chance to win $75 gift card?”

  • Customer selecting “Yes!” When asked “Would you like to hear about our spring line when it launches?”

Note that in automatically-generated lists, you cannot add or remove followers manually.

Manual List

You can create a manual list by selecting New List. Then, name the list something relevant that you will remember later.

You can then target the List to meet conditions like number of orders overall or through the bot, gender, or base it on any information that you’ve collected through Octane (like location) to name a few.

You can also create a Facebook custom audience for the List you’re creating that’s accessible within your Facebook business manager.

Once this list is created, anyone who fits the criteria will be added to the list and at any time you can edit or export the list into a CSV file.

Think about Customers when creating different quick replies that you might be able to use later!

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