Learn about our Flows feature and how you can set-up the most valuable Flows to drive revenue. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section:

  • Learn about and look at examples of flows

  • Set-up cart abandonment message

  • Set-up order confirmation & shipping flow

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What is a Flow?

A Flow is an automated sequence that is sent to customers based on a specific trigger. 

Within Octane AI, there are four types of Flows that can be sent to customers (our focus in this section is on 1&2):

  1. Cart Abandonment Message

  2. Order Confirmation & Shipping Notifications

  3. Custom Flows (Pro & Enterprise Plan)

  4. Browse Abandonment Messages (Pro & Enterprise Plan)

  5. Welcome Message

Cart Abandonment Message

When a customer subscribes to the bot on your Shopify store and adds a product to their cart, we’re able to send an abandon cart flow through messenger if the customer does not complete their purchase.

One hour later, a message is sent to the customer with a link to their full cart. They can choose to follow through with their purchase with the Buy link!

If a customer does not purchase on the first abandon cart message, a second reminder is triggered 24 hours later with a link to their cart plus a discount code that has been offered for free shipping.

Order Confirmation & Shipping 

A customer can receive their order status in Messenger. They’ll be sent their confirmation number, what they’ve purchased, and can opt-in to follow when the order has shipped.

Flow Analytics

In the left-nav bar page, navigate to Facebook Messenger → Flows. Here you can see an analytics overview for all of the flows you have set-up. You can also dive into each Flow deeper by going to their dedicated page:

You can also create Custom Flows with customized triggers. Within this series, we’ll focus on the main Flows but you can learn more about Custom Flows here.

Setting Up Flows

Let’s set-up your cart abandonment message. In the Cart Abandonment page under Flows, you can scroll to the bottom to turn the abandoned cart flow on or off.

By clicking on Edit, you can customize how long after the customer abandons will they receive the message, add in a discount from your Shopify back-end, and customize the message sent to customers.

By default, the message is optimized for conversions however you can customizeit around the abandoned cart that is sent to customers. The cart itself and buy button is pre-set.

You can now edit the second reminder. This is what will send if the customer does not respond to the first cart abandonment message sent. Here, you can add or change the discount offered and customize the message around the cart!

In the Order confirmations and Shipping notifications sections under Flows, you can edit the order confirmation and shipping notification flows in a similar workflow.

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