Learn about our Convos feature and how you can set-up a product finder convo. You can connect other features with Convos in the future to give customers a great experience. Follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will:

  • Learn about and look at an example of convos

  • Create a product finder convo

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What is a Convo?

A Convo is a piece of shareable content that’s native to Messenger. It’s an interactive way that you can promote your store and adjust to customers based on their replies. 

Here’s an example of a convo in Messenger below. This Convo that’s set-up is a product quiz. As the customer chooses different replies, it will lead to them being recommended a product that’s personalized to their responses. This is called a product finder convo, it’s a great way to engage your subscribers and showcase your products.

You can edit, create, and delete convos from the Facebook Messenger → Convos section in the left side menu.

Create a Product Finder Convo

Let’s create a product finder convo! First, press New Convo in the Convos section.

Here you can title, subtitle, and add an image to your convo. If you’re adding the Convo to your Main Menu, both titles and the image will appear in the Main Menu.

You can now add the first response that the bot will send to the customer in the Grey. For the product quiz, each message from the bot will be a question. After the customer replies, they will be sent a product link as a result. Here we’re starting with a day or night question.

When creating the quick replies, we’re going to create tangents for each reply. A tangent will allow you to branch the conversation into a tangent and create a new flow that will only trigger when that quick reply is selected. 

For example, when the customer selects Night!, they will receive a different response than when they select Day!.

You can continue to branch the conversation into new directions by adding multiple quick replies for each response the bot has. 

When you’re ready to give the final product recommendation message for the flow your quiz has taken, you can select the grey (+) button and add a product from your Shopify products list.

It will look similar to below.

When you’re ready to save your convo, you can decide whether you’d like your bot featured. This will mean it’s searchable in the tray within Messenger, like this: 

You can also enable Convo recommendations, which we’ll learn about in Customer Care

Go ahead and preview your convo to ensure it flows as you like, and when you’re ready press Save.

Congrats! 🙌 You just made your first convo. You also have the ability to share the convo on Twitter, Facebook, or by link. When sharing a convo, the convo will trigger immediately when a subscriber is brought to Messenger. 

A great way to use convo sharing is to create an interactive convo that you can link in email - like a quiz or product recommendation. This is a way to encourage more opt-ins to your bot.

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