The main menu is the home for important links and actions that customers can take within your bot. You can follow the video or written walkthrough below.

In this section we will:

  • Learn about and set-up the main menu

  • Link the main menu to the Welcome message

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What is a Main Menu?

Let’s take a look at an example of a Main Menu. 

This is where your customers can see the most important links. Whether it’s links to your site, a quiz you’ve created, a way to contact your customer support, or product recommendations. 

Customers can access the Main Menu at any time in the Messenger tray.

Setting Up Your Main Menu

Navigate to Main Menu under Facebook Messenger → Flows in the left side menu. Here, you can see the Main Menu items set-up. By default, subscribers (where customers can edit notification settings) and share (where customers can share your bot) are menu items. 

To edit a menu item, hover your cursor over the item. Select Edit.

You can edit the title, subtitle, image, and call to action in the menu item.

Let’s create a New Menu Item by selecting the New Menu Item button.

You can add menu items for content, social waitlists, questions, messages, or custom items. Let’s go ahead and create a menu item for content. Press Showcase Content.

Here you can connect to channels your brand has and allow customers to find your content. For example, if you have a YouTube channel, you can link the channel in your Main Menu by integrating with YouTube here.

Once you create your Main Menu item, you can arrange the order of items by clicking the arrows in the top right corner when you hover over an item. 

To delete a menu item at any time, select Edit when hovering over the item and scroll down to the trash bin beside Update.

At any time in a message you can link your Main Menu by selecting a quick reply and linking it to the Main Menu as shown below. It’s recommended that you link your Main Menu in the Welcome message to showcase important links to the customer right away!

Take the time now to perfect your Main Menu for your store and link it in your Welcome message! 📝 

NEXT UP: Convos: Help Your Customers Find Products 

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