Learn about browse abandonment messages through our video or written walkthrough below!

What are browse abandonment messages?

Browse abandonment messages are reminders that your opted-in visitors receive through Messenger after they browse through your store.

Who is eligible to receive browse abandonment message?

There are a few conditions for those eligible to receive browse abandonment messages:

  1. A visitor needs to be bot subscriber opted-in via some of our opt-in tools

  2. An opted-in visitor browses through the site without adding products to the cart or purchasing some items from your store. If customer ads a product to the cart, in that case, the abandoned cart message will be sent instead.

  3. A visitor hasn’t received an abandoned cart message or browse abandonment message in the past 30 days.

How to turn ON browse abandonment message for my store?

In order to turn ON browse abandonment message, go to browse abandonment messages feature in the Dashboard and enable it by clicking on this toggle button:

Can I customize the wording for my browse abandonment message?

Definitely! We encourage you to customize the wording to reflect your brands' language. Here is how to do it:

1. Go to Browse abandonment page

2. Click on the Edit button at the bottom of the page 

3. Choose Customize the message option in the editor:

4. Edit message and click Save

Can I include a discount to the browse abandonment message?

Yes, you can add a discount here in the message editor:

And the discount will be included and displayed at the checkout for any product from the browse abandoned message.

What products will be displayed in the message?

By default, the message contains the last product visitor viewed on your store along with the 9 recommended products. Learn how Shopify calculates recommended products.

If you wish you can change these settings here:

In order to choose how many products you wish to have in the carousel select the number of the products from the dropdown that will be displayed to your customers in the message. For example, if you choose 5 they will receive the browse abandonment message with the last product they viewed + 4 more related products.

Choose related products - related products can be:

Recommended products - products that are usually purchased together and products with similar descriptions.

Bestsellers - it will display up to 9 bestsellers from your store.

Related by the tag - it will display products that have a similar tag like visited product.

How can I preview the browse abandonment message?

After you customized the wording of your browse abandonment message, you can use preview option to see how the message will look for your customers.. In order to see the preview scroll at the bottom of the browse abandonment message editor and click Preview button.

When will the message be triggered?

By default, the message will be triggered half an hour after the visitor has viewed the last product on your store, but you can change this setting as well inside of the message editor:

How is revenue calculated from browse abandonment messages?

If the customer purchases any of the products from the browse abandonment message in the next 7 days it will be calculated as the revenue from that message. Please note that in case they purchase from the store on the different device or from the other browsers where they are not logged in to the facebook we will not know who they are, and in that case revenue will not be detected for that message.

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