With an open rate of more than 95%, SMS messaging is a powerful tool that helps you reach customers instantly. You can use it to send special offers, promotions, promo codes or any other news related to your store.

SMS messages are currently available in the USA and Canada only. Other countries are coming soon.

Table of Contents:

1. Gaining access to SMS messaging

2. SMS Messaging Pricing

3. How to get SMS subscribers

1. Gaining Access to SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is automatically available on all plans (Starter, Pro, Advanced, Enterprise).

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2. SMS Messaging Pricing

SMS messaging is charged based on the number of SMS messages sent from your bot, but you won't get charged for messages you receive.

The cost of each SMS depends on what kind of number you have:

  1. Long code: $0.012 per message

  2. Toll-free: $0.010 per message

  3. High-throughput Toll-free: $0.009 per message

  4. Shortcode: $0.0085

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3. How to Get SMS Subscribers

You can gather SMS subscribers through the following methods:

1. Through your shop quiz.

2. With onsite pop-ups.

For more in-depth information, check out our SMS Messaging help article.

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