For customers who abandoned their cart and are opted-in to your SMS subscriber list, you can send them cart abandonment messages.

You can access your SMS cart abandonment homepage by going to SMS -> SMS cart abandonment.

If you're looking for information around SMS broadcasts and messaging, check out our article on SMS messaging.

This is where you can see also the revenue analytics for your SMS cart abandonment messages. You can also see how many messages have sent.

How does a customer opt-in to receive the message?

The customer must be opted-in as a subscriber to your SMS list and be identifiable while adding an item to their cart. Learn about asking for phone numbers in a Question here.

What are reminders?

After someone receives a cart abandonment message and doesn't purchase their cart or opt-out, they're eligible to receive a second or third reminder about their abandoned cart over SMS.

These are follow up messages that are sent to encourage the customer to purchase. You can customize the timing of each reminder and edit the messages by adding in discount codes or language that will resonate with customers.

Editing SMS reminders 

You can edit your SMS cart abandonment messages by selecting edit on each reminder in the SMS cart abandonment home page.

By default, we have messages set-up that are optimized however you can add in branded language or discounts that may help convert customers and make the messages more effective. You can make a number of customizations to timing and adding in a discount, as shown here:

How do I customize the message sent?

After editing a reminder, under cart abandonment message, select customize the message and place your desired text in the Message field. 

We allow customization of the opt-out information. It's important to know that customers can reply STOP to trigger the opt-out option. You can customize how customers are told that they can reply STOP, but keeping this information allows them to edit their notifications at anytime.

Shown below: 

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