SMS messaging has over a 95% open-rate, and is a great way to diversify the ways you reach your customers. We'll take a look at how SMS messaging works, as well as a step-by-step guide in the video and the article below.

Note: SMS messaging is only available for Pro and Enterprise users. 

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What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and allows you to reach customers on their mobile devices through text.

How does someone opt-in to SMS?

There are three ways customers can opt-in to become your SMS subscriber:

  1. Opt-in through your bot

  2. Import phone numbers

Let's set-up an SMS broadcast message

You can find your SMS broadcast messages under SMS → Campaigns. This is where you can import any external SMS subscribers from a CSV file.

By selecting New SMS broadcast, you can send a push notification to customers through SMS. Enter your content into Message, include opt-out information, and customize any language you like.

Here, we've added a link for a product restock we're notifying subscribers of:

You can also schedule SMS broadcast messages for the future by selecting schedule:

Preview your message before sending it by selecting preview and sending your message to a US/CAD number. You can send free previews to 3 unique numbers, 10 times a day.

Setting up SMS cart abandonment messages

Under SMS, select SMS cart abandonment to turn on and customize the messaging or timing of your SMS cart abandonment messages.

Scroll down on the page and you'll find the option to send up to three reminders over SMS. This is where you can turn them on or off, and select edit to edit each reminder.

Let's edit the first reminder by selecting Edit.

Here you can customize the timing of your reminder, add a discount code, and customize the message. 

You can time the SMS notification for those only opted in to SMS, and for those who are opted in to both Messenger and SMS when they should receive a Messenger notification.

There is a default placeholder for the cart URL which will link the customer to their cart in the cart abandonment message. Ensure that this cart URL is in your message.

Now, go ahead and edit the other SMS reminders you'd like live! 

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