With our new A/B test option you can easily test different CTA, images, widget placement, discounts, widget styles, etc. and based on the results display the best option to your site visitor

What is the Randomize option?

When creating a quick reply, you can scroll down to select 'Randomize'. Randomize allows you to choose different destinations (ie. a Convo or Question) to send someone to. Here's an example:

When someone selects that quick reply, it will randomly choose between those options for what is sent by the bot next.

How to A/B Test With Randomize

Within Facebook Ads

You create an ad from the Facebook Ads section (click to Messenger or Sponsored Message) and in the message you create a reply or button that Randomizes between two Convos. 

Here's an example of randomizing with a Sponsored Message:

You can then see and measure which Convo works better based on the Convo stats.

Within the Welcome message Flow 

You add a reply or button in your Welcome message that randomizes between a Convo asking them to buy a product and a question getting their email. 

First, create a product finder quiz in Convos (for a more detailed step-by-step on how to create a product finder convo click here):

Finish the convo that focuses on recommending products to customers.

Next, create an email question under Campaigns in Questions (for a step-by-step on how see more information here).

Select the created Convo and Email Question to randomize. Based on how many emails you collect or revenue collected through the product finder convo, you can determine which messaging is more effective in your Welcome message flow.

We also offer the ability to A/B test your opt-in tools, for more information check out our article on opt-in tool A/B testing here.

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