Our SMS features use link shorteners to be able to track link clicks and revenue from links you include in SMS messages.

For Shopify stores the default short link is storename.octie.ai/XXXXXX 

When you add a link from your store in the SMS broadcast for example that link will automatically be displayed as a short link.

Can I send my full link in an SMS broadcast message?

Yes, you can. Simply uncheck this “Automatically links button” and your full link will be displayed in the SMS. We, however, do not recommend this option as it will take up a lot of characters that fit in one SMS and also, because the link will not be tracked.

How can I customize this link?

If you wish to customize this default link you can do it from Bot settings by changing the SMS tracking URL here:

Note that the minimum characters you can add is 5 while the maximum length is 63 characters.

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