With ReCharge and Octane AI, you can send Facebook messages to customers who have a subscription to your products, have started their checkout, or have cancelled their subscription.

With ReCharge to manage your subscription products, you're able to sync actions that a customer takes within ReCharge into Klaviyo. You can sync when a customer has started their subscription, which product they're subscribed to, which variant, among other data you can see listed here. Within Klaviyo, you can use this data to create customer lists.

You're then able to sync these lists to Facebook as custom audiences so you can use Octane AI to send Facebook messages. These Facebook messages will send to subscribers once they fall into one of these custom audiences. This allows you to set up automated push notifications on Messenger for your brand’s most important events for subscription customers.

Required Set-Up

Connect ReCharge to Octane AI

To integrate your ReCharge account with Octane AI follow this step-by-step. Only selecting 'Add' to ReCharge in the Octane AI back-end will not fully enable the integration.

Connect Octane AI to Facebook Advertising

Go to your Octane AI dashboard and click “Facebook ads” on the left navigation. Follow the steps to connect your Facebook Ads account to Octane AI. This will enable you to create ads that click to Messenger and sponsored messages from the Octane AI interface.

Connect ReCharge to Your Email Service Provider

Log in to your ReCharge account and go to to integrations at the top of your ReCharge dashboard, and select get on your email service provider. Follow the steps to integrate ReCharge with Klaviyo.

How We'll Use Facebook Ads Manager

You can target the audience who will receive click to Messenger ads or sponsored messages at the ad set level within your Facebook ads manager. Here, you can create custom audiences and access targeting data from ReCharge and Octane AI.

By including these audiences, you target messages or ads to them.

By excluding these audiences, you exclude them from receiving the ad or sponsored message you're creating.

Target Conversational Ads to Subscribers of Specific Products for Promotions or Upsells

To encourage subscribers to expand their subscription or engage with your brand, you can run click to Messenger ads through Octane AI that directly target your subscription customers.

In the Facebook ads section of your Octane AI back-end, create a new click to Messenger ad. This will allow you to create a conversation that triggers when someone clicks on the call to action of your ad.

By linking the button in your conversation to a list, it will collect everyone who selects the sign up here button. 

You can sync Customers lists to Facebook ads manager as a custom audience by going to Customers, editing the list, and selecting create Facebook custom audience. This list will now be identifiable when selecting a custom audience in ads manager.

With this data, you can now send follow-up sponsored messages to customers who clicked your link, but didn't purchase the box.

To do this, create a sponsored message from the Facebook ads section of your Octane AI back-end. In Facebook ads manager, under audience at the ad-set level, you can target the message to send to the list we created for people who click the I'm Ready button. Using ReCharge data sent in from Klaviyo, you are able to exclude those who are subscribed to your new product since you ran the ad.

This will target the sponsored message to those who clicked the 'I'm Ready' button, but didn't purchase the box.

Send Past Subscription Customers Exclusive Promotions

Use sponsored messages and targeting of your ReCharge custom audience to send exclusive offers to past subscribers.

Send a Message to Subscribers of a Specific Product

As your audience engages with your bot and subscribes through ReCharge, you can collect information more about them. Are they subscribed to a specific product?

Go ahead and send subscribers of a specific product a personal message on Messenger using sponsored messages and Facebook custom audiences from ReCharge. You can use this information to run customer surveys, collect feedback, or send them personalized messages.

Send an SMS Message to Subscription Customers Who Engaged on Messenger

Now that you've built lists to show the engagement from each sponsored message or ad, you can use those lists to send SMS messages to any customers subscribed to SMS and Messenger

You can do this by targeting a message to your list collected from the ad or sponsored message, and use purchase data to send a message to the correct audience.

Get Creative! 

Using ReCharge data sent to Facebook from your ESP, you can use Octane AI to target click to Messenger ads and send personalized sponsored messages. You're able to include or exclude custom audiences from other sources in your tech stack that can help you target messages even further.

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