⚠️ On September 27, 2022, Octane AI will end support for (i.e. deprecate) our Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads features so we can focus on our zero-party data and artificial intelligence features.

With Nosto and Octane AI, you can send Facebook messages to your Nosto segments. Nosto Segmentation allows you to segment customers who share similar traits to uncover ecommerce specific insights and ultimately, implement powerful personalization strategies across different channels. 

You're able to sync these segments to Facebook as custom audiences so you can use Octane AI to send Facebook messages. This allows you to set up automated push notifications on Messenger to different segments created from Nosto. 

Required Set-Up

Connect Octane AI to Facebook Advertising

Go to your Octane AI dashboard and click “Facebook ads” on the left navigation. Follow the steps to connect your Facebook Ads account to Octane AI. This will enable you to create ads that click to Messenger and sponsored messages from the Octane AI interface.

How We'll Use Facebook Ads Manager to Target Nosto Segments

You can target the audience who will receive click to Messenger ads or sponsored messages at the ad set level within your Facebook ads manager. Here, you can create custom audiences and access targeting data from Nosto and Octane AI.

By including these audiences, you target messages or ads to them.

By excluding these audiences, you exclude them from receiving the ad or sponsored message you're creating.

How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences from Nosto Segments

Select the segment(s) you wish to create as an audience on Facebook and click the pen icon.

Toggle the switch for Facebook (on top)

Confirm by selecting Create

Target Conversational Ads to Specific Segments

To send personalized ads to Nosto segments you can set-up click to Messenger ads from Octane AI. For example, creating a Nosto segment with a specific geographic location will allow you to target an ad for a new pop-up store location. When someone clicks on the ad, they're sent a message through Facebook Messenger and opted-in to your Facebook Messenger as a subscriber once they click the call-to-action.

In the Facebook ads section of your Octane AI back-end, create a new click to Messenger ad. This will allow you to create a conversation that triggers when someone clicks on the call to action of your ad.

By linking the button in your conversation to a list, it will collect everyone who selects the 'I want the details!' button.

You can sync Lists to Facebook ads manager as a custom audience by going to your Lists, editing the list, and selecting create Facebook custom audience. This list will now be identifiable when selecting a custom audience in ads manager.

With this data, you can now send follow-up sponsored messages to customers who clicked your call-to-action. In this example, send them more details reminding them about the upcoming event.

To do this, create a sponsored message from the Facebook ads section of your Octane AI back-end. In Facebook ads manager, under audience at the ad-set level, you can target the message to send to the list we created for people who click the I'm Ready button. Using Nosto segments synced as custom audiences, you are able to include or exclude specific segments.

This message will target the sponsored message to those who clicked the 'I want the details!' button with more details around the new pop-up store.

Send Exclusive Promotions to Your Nosto Segments

Use sponsored messages and targeting of your Nosto segment to send exclusive offers to well-segmented audiences.

Send a Message to Customers Who Like Specific Products

Send purchasers of a specific product or collection a personal message on Messenger using sponsored messages and Facebook custom audiences from Nosto segments. You can create these segments within Nosto as shown below.

You can use this information to run customer surveys, collect feedback, or send them personalized messages.

Send an SMS Message to Those Who Engaged on Messenger

Now that you've built lists to show the engagement from each sponsored message or ad, you can use those lists to send SMS messages to any customers subscribed to SMS and Messenger

You can do this by targeting a message to your list collected from the ad or sponsored message, as well as using other targeting data like purchase data for more in-depth retargeting.

Get Creative! 

Using Nosto segments to create custom audiences in Facebook, you can use Octane AI to target click to Messenger ads and personalized sponsored messages. You're able to include or exclude custom audiences from other sources in your tech stack that can help you target messages even further.

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