You can sell your products directly from the bot, by adding them to your bot’s convos, flows, broadcasts, etc. In this article you can find out more about how to add a product or collection to your bot.

Here we will show you how you can customize the button that displays on product cards.

Overview of Settings for Messenger Product Cards

In your Settings, you can see general settings for the in-bot product button: 

Product button text: This is the CTA that will be displayed below the product, by editing it here you will edit it as a default setting for every product that doesn’t have a custom button. 

Link to: By default when a customer clicks on the product it will take them to that product page on your Shopify store, you can change it to lead to Checkout page directly by choosing the Checkout setting from the dropdown:

Note: the button can only go straight to checkout if a variant is selected, or if the product doesn't have variants. 

View more button: When adding a collection, if the collection has 9+ items we display “View more” card, the wording for that CTA can be also edited here in Bot settings.

Can I customize only the specific product?

Yes, if you want to customize the CTA for a specific product, variant or collection, you can do it inside of the convo by clicking on the edit button:

*Note: customizing the "Link to" option is available only for the variants, products and collections will use the global settings.

**Note: when a product have more than 10 variants the Buy button will go directly to product page regardless of the general setting set for the button.

How to add a discount code for the specific product, variants or collection?

When you click on the product edit button you will see a Discount field where you can insert the discount code that has previously been created inside within Shopify.

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