Revenue is a keystone metric in your Octane AI account’s performance. Your revenue numbers are important puzzle pieces when taking a look at how well areas of your account are performing, or where it's finding success in customer engagement. Ultimately, higher revenue means better performance not just for your account, but also for your store.

You'll find the analytics of your account performance on almost every page of the Octane AI dashboard.

We also include a central analytics page as a comprehensive hub for the stats on your account’s revenue and subscriber performance. 

Let's go over some details and questions you might have about how your revenue data is displayed on your analytics page. 

How does Octane AI measure revenue?

Revenue is counted by Octane AI when a customer interacts with your account’s features, then makes a purchase on your store.

Octane AI's revenue attribution window is 7 days.

Tip: a customer does need to interact with one of your features before ordering for any revenue to be counted. A feature like the order status page button, which comes after checkout, may not count revenue as a result.

How do I find my revenue data? 

Your total revenue will always be displayed at the top of your home page and your analytics page. 

Your total revenue represents the amount earned by your account across its lifetime and through all of its features.

The total revenue number for your account will always be accurate. 

I added the revenue from my individual features, and it doesn't match my total revenue. Is something wrong? 

You might occasionally find that the sum of individual revenue breakdowns on your analytics page may add up differently from your total revenue.

Here are a few common reasons why that may appear to be the case:

  1. Double attribution.

  2. Revenue from a source that isn't individually attributed.

  3. Date picker settings.

If you still feel that the total revenue for your account isn't accurate, contact our awesome support team and we'll be happy to help.

What does double attribution mean?

Double attribution happens when two features were directly involved in a sale. This means a single order may be shown in the revenue stats for two different features.

Don't worry - this won't affect your total revenue. Your account is able to tell when this happens, and won't count a single order twice.

Let's take a look at today's revenue data for an example store:

This data shows a case of double attribution, where two features were involved in one order.

A customer has placed 1 order for a total of $94.46, as seen in the metrics here:

However, the individual feature breakdown shows that $94.46 income twice:

This indicates that an opt-in tool (a welcome pop-up in this case) and an abandoned cart message were both used to generate that revenue.

Since only 1 order was actually placed, your total revenue will only measure the order of $94.46 once.

That way, you'll be able to accurately see where you're revenue is coming from, while also being able to trust your total revenue report.

What is revenue that isn't individually attributed?

The huge amount of versatility you can find in Octane AI's features means there are ways you can earn revenue that isn't individually shown on the analytics page.

For example, if a customer messages your bot on your Facebook page, then goes to your store through a link in your bot's main menu, you won't see that revenue individually listed in the analytics page.

Tip: main menu buttons are a great way to lead more customers to your website, and count towards total revenue.

Contact our support team if you see unattributed total revenue and would like to know where it's coming from. 

What are date picker settings?

The date picker is the button that lets you pick the date range that your analytics data will display in. The default setting is the last 30 days:

Tip: this button is available on all pages that include analytics. 

Any revenue and subscribers your account has earned today will only be shown in your total analytics and the "Today so far" setting.

Make sure you pick "Today so far" to see how a feature or campaign created today is performing.

Some data like your total revenue will always show lifetime stats.

How do I increase my revenue?

To maximize the revenue you're earning, here are three general ideas that can be effective in getting the most out of your bot. 

  1. Increase subscribers with our opt-in tools, increasing the amount of users your bot can engage with and convert into customers. 

  2. Use the bot to send subscribers discounts and promotions, increasing the average number of orders a customer may make with you.

  3. Make sure you have revenue-generating flows like abandoned cart messages turned on.

  4. Suggest products similar to a customer's interests to increase the average order value.

You also might be interested in Octane AI's Enterprise plan, which features a dedicated account manager who can help set your bot up for maximum success.

Check out a comparison of our plans here, and contact our support team to find out more!

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