One-time notifications is a messaging feature that lets you send subscribers one notification message outside of Facebook's 24-hour rule once the subscriber has agreed to receive it. This is called opting in to the one-time notification. 

Opt-ins for this feature can be added to any quick reply or button within convos and ads, making this an adaptable tool not only for reaching out to your customers, but also generating revenue for your store.

Tip: don't forget to request access to this feature from Facebook!

To find the one-time notification feature, navigate to the Facebook Messenger page in the Octane AI dashboard and go to Campaigns to find One-time notifications:

The Messenger page 

This is the home base for all of your one-time notifications. It's where you'll be able to create, edit and view each one-time notification opt-in you have, as well as any notifications your bot has sent.  

Just like most of Octane AI's other features, the Messenger page displays detailed analytics on revenue and subscriber engagement. 

The top of the page lists total revenue and one-time notification messages your bot has sent over its lifetime. 

The date-picker controls an important setting - the date range that most of this page's analytics will display in: 

The three metrics below are not affect by date settings:

  • Total revenue

  • Total messages sent

  • Eligible users 

"Eligible users" is the current number of subscribers that are eligible for one of your opt-ins. While the rest of your opt-in stats are affected by the date-picker, "Eligible users" will always be up-to-date. 

How do I see the revenue that my one-time notifications have made today? 

One of the date settings is the "Today so far" setting.

Revenue earned today will be represented in your total revenue, but to see other metrics you'll have to select the "Today so far" setting since an ongoing day's numbers haven't been finalized just yet. 

One-time notification opt-ins

For a customer to receive a one-time notification, they'll have to opt-in first. What this means is they'll have to manually agree to receive one follow-up message from you outside of Facebook's 24-hour messaging period.

After making an opt-in, in can be integrated across your bot in features like convos, ads and questions.   

You can make a one-time notification opt-in on the Messenger page. 

A one-time notification opt-in will require you to fill out three sections:

  1. Name: this is the name the opt-in will have in your dashboard, which customers won't see. 

  2. Title: this is where you'll let customers know what the notification will be about.

  3. Confirmation: customers that opt-in will see this message.

Tip: the text "Get notified:" in the opt-in message is added by Facebook and can't be removed.

Once the opt-in has been made, it will be an available option for adding opt-ins and when assigning a new notification message to an opt-in. 

Here's a look at the opt-in process in action:

Sending one-time notifications

After a customer agrees to an opt-in, they become an eligible user for that opt-in only. This lets you send them one follow-up message which uses up the notification.

Just like with opt-ins, one-time notifications can be created on the Messenger page. However, only new one-time notifications can be made. Previous messages cannot be edited since they are one-time items. 

Since every one-time notification is sent only once, this does mean each one-time notification message that you'd like to send will have to be manually set up and scheduled. 

When creating your message, you'll be able to edit: 

  1. Message: this is the message that eligible users will receive in Messenger. 

  2. Notification opt-in: the opt-in that this message will target the eligible users of. 

  3. Scheduling: set a date for when your notification will send. 

  4. Targeting: filtering options to target specific eligible users. 

If you leave scheduling blank, then your one-time notification will start sending to eligible users immediately. 

What can I have in a one-time notification?

One-time notification messages are allowed to include promotional content using text, audio, video, internal links to convos and carousels and external links to a website (like a product page). 

Here are just a few examples of how the notification could be used:

  • Let customers opt-in to hear about your next sale. 

  • Reveal a new product to subscribers. 

  • Create a flow that can send customers automated opt-ins. 

Tip: to avoid losing access to one-time notifications, your message should also follow these Facebook policies: 

Why does it say I have messages still sending?

One-time notifications will only send if a subscriber has been inactive with your bot for 5 minutes. That way, they won't get interrupted by a one-time notification if they're currently messaging with your bot. 

A customer opted in before but they're no longer an eligible user? 

When a subscriber opts in to one-time notifications, they're an eligible user for one item only. After you send them a one-time notification, they'll have to opt-in before they'll be an eligible user for that specific opt-in again. 

What’s the 24-hour messaging window?

This is a part of Facebook’s Messenger policies that allows your page to send messages to a subscriber for 24 hours after they’ve interacted with your bot. This includes sending a message to, or receiving a message from your bot.

With one-time notifications, eligible users can receive that notification outside this 24-hour period. 

Tip: if a customer receives a one-time notification while they're in this 24-hour messaging window, they'll remain an eligible user and the one-time notification won't be used up.

Check out this article to get a detailed breakdown on the changes Facebook made to the 24-hour rule and how this affects Octane AI. 

How else can I send messages to my subscribers outside of the 24-hour window? 

The only other way to send messages outside of the 24-hour period is with sponsored messages. 

Sponsored messages are a type of Facebook ad that can be sent outside of the 24-hour window and can include promotional content.

It can even reach users that have messaged you before, but aren't subscribers with a high open-rate. This makes sponsored messages an effective tool at maximizing how you engage with your customers. 

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