In order to use one-time notifications, you'll have to request permission to use the feature with your Facebook page first.

Here's where you can find that setting for your Facebook page:

  • Navigate to your Facebook page.

  • Settings > Advanced Messaging.

  • Scroll down until you find Requested Features. 

Here, you'll be able to request permission to use one-time notifications for your Facebook page. Permission is granted per page, so this does have to be done for each page you'd like to use one-time notifications with.

One your page is granted permission, the one-time notification option should match the approved state below: 

Important note: pages that receive high volumes of negative user feedback, or that confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, or negatively surprise users.

Your one-time notifications can include promotional content. However, they should avoid violating these Facebook policies: 

To learn about one-time notifications, check out this comprehensive guide below.

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