Facebook's Business Help Center can be a useful resource for troubleshooting issues related to your specific account. While Octane AI is often able to help in many Facebook-related circumstances, Facebook's support will require the account owner to contact them for certain issues for privacy reasons.

If you'd like to learn how to use Facebook ads with Octane AI, this article is a great place to get started.

Some examples of issues you may have to reach out to Facebook for are:

  • Issues with Facebook ads reach

  • Specific details on a custom audience or user

  • Restrictions on your Facebook page/account

  • Questions about your Pixel

Here's a quick walkthrough on how to contact Facebook's Business Help Center support.

Table of Contents

1. What you'll need

- Checking if you have admin privileges

2. How to contact support

- Ad performance

- Page restrictions

- Facebook community

3. Support categories

What you'll need

In order to report an issue on your specific account / page, you'll have to make sure you have access to the following:

  • Ad account that ad spend is billed to

  • Business Account (this is required when connecting your ad account to Octane AI as well)

  • Admin access to the Facebook page

If you have all of the above, you can move onto the next step.

How do I check if I have access?

The two accounts you'll have to make sure you have privileges for are your Facebook page and your Facebook ad account.

1. Checking if you have admin access to your Facebook page.

To check if you have admin privileges, navigate to your Facebook page's settings.

Once there, you can view the privileges of users that have back-end access to your Facebook page in the "Page Roles" tab.

On the page roles tab, scroll down to view the access each user has.

If your Facebook account doesn't have admin access, one of the page's admins will have to grant permissions for you. That can be done by selecting "Edit" and then choosing a new role for your account:

Having admin privileges won't just help with reporting issues to Facebook, but handling Octane AI's integration with the page as well.

2. Checking if you have access to your ad account.

You don't have to have admin access to an ad account to contact Facebook support, but you will need to have a role in the ad account's settings.

Access to an ad account can be checked and updated in ads manager settings. If you're using a personal ad account, then you'll be able to check and update ad account privileges under "Ad Account Roles".

A business ad account has to manage permissions in business settings instead:

If the business account connected to the ad account doesn't have a role for you, then you'll have to request access from an admin before you'll be able to contact Facebook's support.

Here's more information on how to add someone into a business account.

How to contact support

The landing page for Facebook's Business Help Center is the best place to start:


In addition to contacting support, you'll have access to Facebook's extensive FAQ. However, their general support FAQ usually doesn't cover many specific scenarios, so if you don't find the answer to the question you're looking for, you can either click "Support" in the upper right corner or scroll further down the page.

NOTE: some accounts may have access to Facebook's live chat support, but this feature isn't available for all accounts and businesses.

Facebook doesn't have any public criteria or method to gain access to live chat, but accounts without live chat will still be able to email support.

After clicking on "Get Started" to contact Facebook's support, you'll be taken to a screen where you'll have to choose a support category. Only the first step is mandatory, but it may be helpful to go all the way to step three.

Let's take a look at a couple of common examples where contacting Facebook support may be necessary.

Ad performance

Selecting the ads category will allow you to ask Facebook support about your ad performance:

You can directly contact Facebook's support before or after selecting a sub-category. Not all accounts have access to live chat support, and live chat support can be offline at times, so you'll have the option to contact Facebook via email as well.

On the support form, simply select the sub-category your issue is most relevant to. If you don't feel any of the options are accurate, you can pick the closest one.

In your request with Facebook, we recommend including the following information:

  1. The type of ad you're using

  2. The audience used for that ad

  3. The specific post or ad ID if available

Along with any specific questions or concerns that you have. If you've done any troubleshooting on your end (like budget optimization) and those methods didn't work, that will also be useful to include so that Facebook's support has full context of your problem.

Another method you can use to contact Facebook is from ads manager itself. To access the support panel in ads manager, click on the ? icon in the upper right-hand corner:

This will pull up a help panel that includes a link to contact Facebook's support about your ad account.

Page restrictions

If you encounter an error when trying to create an ad within Octane AI, sometimes this can be due to restrictions placed on your Facebook page or your ad account:

An error like this can indicate that your ad account has outstanding issues, or may be specifically barred from creating ads through third-party apps. You can check if your account has any outstanding issues or notices from Facebook here:

If your account has been disabled, you can appeal the decision here.

If there aren't any specific issues with your ads or accounts noted on the account quality page, there may still be a hidden restriction placed on your account.

In this case, you'll have to directly contact Facebook support.

To inquire about restrictions on your ad account, you can use the Policy & Account Security or the Ad Management Tools categories.

From there, you can follow the same steps outlined in the ad performance section to send a question to Facebook.

Facebook community

Another useful resource for Facebook-related issues is the Facebook Community Forums. Whether it's issues with your Pixel, ads account, billing and so on, the community forums may contain threads from users that experienced a similar issue and discovered the solution.

Support categories

If you'd like to quickly check which category to select for Facebook's business support, you can use this section for quick reference.

Policy and Account Security

Ad account

  • My ad account was disabled

  • There's unknown activity on my ad account

Ad & Policy Review

  • My ads were disapproved

  • My ads are pending review

  • Use text in my images


  • View Pages names allowed on Facebook

  • My Page was hacked

  • Get a custom username

Billing & Payments

Billing Basics

  • When I pay for ads

  • Change my spending limit

  • Change my billing threshold

Charge & Receipts

  • My ad account was double charged

  • View my payment history

  • Download an invoice

Payment Methods

  • My ad payment has failed

  • Manage my payment method

  • Manually pay for ads

Business Pages

Page Name & Verification

  • Create a custom username

  • Change my Page's name

  • Request a gray badge for my Page

Manage Pages

  • Merge two Pages

  • Manage roles for my Page

  • Add an Instagram account to my Page

Page Promotions

  • Promote my Page

  • My boosted post is unavailable

Ad Management Tools

Manage Ad Account

  • My ad account was disabled

  • Give someone access to my ad account

Ads Manager

  • Edit ads in the updated Ads Manager

  • Switch between ad account

Business Manager

  • Manage my settings, people, and assets

  • Business Manager roles


Manage Ads

  • Edit my campaign, ad set or ad

  • Turn an ad on or off

  • Manage boosted posts


  • My boost is unavailable

  • My ads were disapproved

  • My ads are pending review

  • My ads aren't performing well

Format & Targeting

  • Use text in my ad images

  • View video and image specifications

  • Use a custom or lookalike audience

Measure & Improve Results

Measure Results

  • Measure my boosted posts

  • View my results in Ads Manager

Facebook Pixel

  • Improve my pixel's performance

  • Use Facebook Pixel Helper

  • Use a pixel with my third party website

Troubleshoot Ad Reports

  • I can't see data for my ads

  • My ad metrics don't add up

  • My ad reports don't match up with third-party reporting tools

To learn how to get started with Facebook ads in Octane AI, check out this article.

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