When creating a quiz, it's important to have a plan of action or outline before you begin. This will help make sure your shop quiz flow is as accurate and effective as possible.

We'll take you through some great strategies and best practices for planning your quiz in this article.

Where should I start with planning my quiz?

Before you start planning your quiz, let's take a brief overview of the types of quizzes you can make.

The way you build your quiz can be highly dependent on how you would like to recommend products to your customers. Here are a few common, but effective ways you can setup your shop quiz:

Feature a hero product

You can feature a singular hero product if your customers typically don't purchase more than one item at a time from your store.

This type of quiz might be focused on getting an accurate recommendation for customers.

Examples: mattresses, houseplants, furniture

Feature a large selection of products

Rather than trying to pin down the perfect recommendation, this type of quiz offers a large selection of products that appeals to a general style.

This can be effective for customers that might have a wide range of preferences, or for stores that offer a wide variety of products.

Examples: jewelry, accessories, food & beverage

Feature a bundle

This type of quiz offers a small variety of products that can be promoted together as a bundle. The shop quiz will let customers add individual items, or add items in bulk, which gives customers a choice of which items to purchase.

This is a great way to feature products that go well together, while still giving customers a choice in building their cart.

Examples: skincare, beauty, health

How do I decide what type of quiz would be right for my store?

If you're not sure how you'd like to recommend your products, figuring out what kind of questions will lead a customer to a purchase can help give context for your quiz.

Without knowing how you'd like to recommend products, it can be difficult to create an effective outline for your quiz. Some key questions you can ask to get to the right type of product recommendation are:

  • If a customer needs help making a purchase, what questions would they have?

  • Are there questions a customer might not even know to ask?

  • What kind of information can help me make better product recommendations?

Figuring out these questions can really help when building the specific questions and sections of your quiz!

What kind of questions should I ask in my quiz?

What's next after figuring out how you'd like to recommend your products? Creating an outline of the types of questions you'd like to ask can help create a more specific roadmap for your quiz.

There are tons of ways you can format your quiz, not just to match your brand and website, but with content in each section of your quiz itself.

Your questions can be geared towards guiding a customer towards a specific product, or they might gather data to build accurate buyer personas of your customers. Customer quiz results can even sync with Klaviyo, giving you lots of ways to use quiz replies in future campaigns.

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