When you connect your Octane AI account to Klaviyo, you can automatically sync quiz data and results from your quizzes into Klaviyo. This lets you create segments that you can use to send personalized, highly effective emails to your customers, all by harnessing the power of zero-party data.

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of Octane AI segments and how to set them up in Klaviyo.

Table of Contents

1. Using Octane AI segments in Klaviyo

2. Creating segments in Klaviyo

2.1. Connect to Klaviyo

2.2. Creating a segment

1. Using Octane AI segments in Klaviyo

Using Octane AI segments in Klaviyo lets you setup powerful email marketing to send tailored, personalized messages that will resonate better with these users because you know something about them - whether it be their skin type, hair color, or favorite flavors. Your emails will be more compelling because the customer will feel known and understood.

You can use your segment to:

  • Create a quiz completed email with a unique design and copy based on their attributes

  • Setup a welcome series for customers with products or educational information that addresses their specific preferences, needs, or goals

  • Send a campaign about new products, upcoming events, or seasonal details that will be relevant to this group of customers

  • …and much more!

2. Creating segments in Klaviyo

2.1. Connect to Klaviyo

Follow the steps below to connect to Klaviyo:

1. In Octane AI, go to Integrations.

2. Find Klaviyo and click Add.

The Klaviyo integration listing on Octane AI's Integrations page.

3. Enter your private key, and optionally select a list to sync your Octane AI user profiles to. If you don’t select a list, user profiles will be created in Klaviyo without a list.

Note: If you select a list, make sure it is set to single opt-in in case your account receives any email opt-ins from Shopify checkout.

4. Click Save.

Entering the private key and selecting a sync list during Klaviyo integration setup.

Once you’ve connected to Klaviyo, when a customer takes the quiz and provides their email address, the following information will automatically sync from Octane AI:

The custom properties from Octane AI on a user profile in Klaviyo.

Note: If a customer takes the quiz without providing their email address right away, but submits their email later (e.g., during checkout), Octane AI can sync that user profile to Klaviyo. This is because Octane AI can sync quiz results based on the user’s specific browser cookie ID.

2.2. Create a segment

As customers begin taking your quiz, you can use the custom properties synced from Octane AI to Klaviyo to customize the content of your emails or create a segment.

Segments are dynamic lists that include users based on targeted properties. As more people take the quiz, more people will be added to the segment based on those targets.

Note: Quiz custom properties won’t appear in Klaviyo until someone takes the quiz for the first time. If you want to prepare your segment before launching your quiz, you can temporarily launch your quiz, take it yourself, and then unpublish the quiz.

Follow the steps below to create a Klaviyo segment based on Octane AI properties:

1. In Klaviyo, go to Lists & Segments and click Create List / Segment.

Creating a new segment from the Lists & Segments area in Klaviyo.

2. Select Segment.

Creating a segment in Klaviyo.

3. Provide a Name for your segment.

4. Select the Definition menu and select Properties about someone.

5. Based on what sort of people you want to include in your segment, update the Dimension field to the desired property (e.g., a quiz results page or a quiz question) and the Dimension Value field to the desired value (e.g., the specific results page or quiz answer).

You can repeat this step as many times as you want to create the perfect segment.

  • Use the OR condition to include customers with any of the configured definitions - this will make your segment less specific.

  • Use the AND condition to require customers to meet all of the configured definitions - this will make your segment more specific.

6. When you’re finished, click Create Segment.

Entering the name and definition for a new segment in Klaviyo.

You now have a segment of users that will grow as more customers take your quiz! Learn more about using Octane AI with Klaviyo for more powerful, personalized marketing.

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