Shop Quizzes that you create aren't automatically added to your website. To show your quiz to customers, you'll have to add the quiz to a pop-up or to a Shopify page first.

This is also how you can preview your quiz before it's ready. Read on below to check out each method!

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1. Embedding your Shop Quiz

1.1. Quiz Pop-ups

1.2. Shopify page

1.3. Previewing your Shop Quiz

1. Embedding your Shop Quiz

Octane AI provides a line of embed code for each Shop Quiz that you create. This simple line of code gives you the freedom to add the quiz to any page on your website.

However, you can also use one of Octane AI's pop-ups to show off your quiz as well - let's check that method out first.

1.1. Quiz Pop-ups

Shop Quizzes can be added to any Welcome or Exit Intent Pop-up. You can create a Quiz Pop-up from any of your quizzes' main page, or from the Pop-ups page in your dashboard.

Here's a detailed guide on each method for creating Quiz Pop-ups.

How does each pop-up work?

Welcome Pop-ups trigger when someone arrives on your website for the first time. You'll be able to customize a timed delay for each of your welcome pop-ups.

Exit Intent Pop-ups trigger when someone tries to leave your website. On desktop devices, this happens when the mouse cursor moves off of the webpage, while on mobile browsers this triggers when someone selects the back button.

You can use placement settings in Octane AI's pop-up editor to specify which webpages pop-ups appear on. For example, if you'd like a quiz to appear only on a certain collections page, or would like to prevent it from showing up in pages like shopping carts, that's totally possible.

Can I get opt-ins with Quiz Pop-ups?

Quiz Pop-ups don't have regular pop-up opt-in channels, but any opt-in pages you include in your Shop Quiz will be able to collect subscribers.

Quiz Pop-ups also have design options that can help offer opt-in incentives, or feature certain promotions.

1.2. Shopify page

You can also embed your quiz directly into a page on your Shopify store. You can do this with a single line of code that Octane AI generates for you.

For detailed instructions on how to embed your code, check out this article.

Do I have to embed my quiz again when I make changes to it?

Once your quiz is embedded in a Shopify page, any changes you make in the Shop Quiz editor will be reflected in your embedded quiz too so you won't have to re-embed your quiz when you make changes.

However, there are a few settings you can adjust when getting your embed code that do affect the line of code itself:

Changes to any of these settings will require you to re-embed your quiz.

Embed type

Your embed type settings let you choose between having a quiz take up the entire screen, or inside the body of a webpage.

Quiz Height

By default, the size and layout of your quiz will adapt to a user's browser window. You'll have the option to embed your quiz at set measurements instead by selecting a custom height instead.

1.3. Previewing your Shop Quiz

To preview your Shop Quiz, you'll have to embed it first. This can be done in a pop-up or on a Shopify page.

You can embed a quiz on an unlinked or hidden Shopify page, which can be great for testing purposes.

Can I reset my quiz data?

Quiz stats can't be erased or reset, but you can use the date picker on your quiz's main page to specify the time period your analytics display in.

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