Guest Chat allows visitors to your website to engage with your Customer Chat Widget without logging in through a temporary 24-hour profile.

This article will explain how the feature works with Facebook as well as Octane AI.

Table of Contents

1. How does it work?

1.1. The User Experience

1.2. Inbox

2. Using Guest Chat with Octane AI

2.1. Opting in

2.2. Flows

3. Toggling Guest Chat

1. How Does it Work?

When Guest Chat is active, users will have the option to interact with your chat widget without logging into their account. This will let them chat with you in Messenger on your website with a temporary guest account.

This comes with a few important details:

  • Users in Guest Chat won't be subscribed to your bot.

  • Conversations with guest users will be saved in your inbox.

  • Octane AI features will still work with guest users.

Let's take a look at what interacting in Guest Chat looks like for users.

1.1. The User Experience

When a user opens your chat widget, they'll have the option to interact using their Facebook account, or continue in Guest Chat.

When interacting on mobile, the option to interact with their Facebook account will appear as Chat in Messenger, which will continue the conversation in the Messenger app.

On desktop, users will be able to login through the widget instead.

Guest users will have access to the chat for 24 hours after they enable Guest Chat. Once those 24 hours have passed, the chat will be deleted and won't be accessible any further.

Guests can also end Guest Chat manually, which will reset the chat widget and let them opt-in as guests or with their Facebook accounts again.

During these 24 hours, guest users will receive Octane AI messages from widgets and flows. However, they will not receive Messenger notifications and will need to open the chat widget in order to see when they've received new messages.

Guest users can also unsubscribe and re-subscribe while in Guest Chat, but this will only do so for their guest account. While in Guest Chat, subscribing or unsubscribing won't affect their regular Facebook account's opt-in status.

1.2. Inbox

Conversations with guest accounts will be saved in your Facebook page's inbox. While their guest account is active (during the 24 hour period), their profile will be indicated by Guest followed by 4 numbers.

After the 24 hour guest account expires, you'll still be able to see the conversation, but the user will be indicated with a generic label instead.

You can message guests while they're active, but after the 24 hours are up, any messages sent will return this error message:

  • "This Person Cannot Receive Messages: This person isn't receiving messages from you right now."

If you find that someone is using Guest Chat to create a negative experience, you can report a particular user here.

Can someone subscribe to my bot in Guest Chat?

Currently, Guest Chat doesn't allow someone to subscribe to your bot with their regular Facebook account as a guest user.

Guest Chat will either have to expire, or they'll have to manually end Guest Chat. However, users will still be able to opt into your bot through other opt-in widgets.

Facebook is currently working on an update that will allow an upgrade to subscriber status through Guest Chat, which we'll definitely implement once available!

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2. Using Guest Chat with Octane AI

If someone decides to interact with your chat widget while in Guest Chat, your Octane AI features will still work. However, some features may have some nuances or slight differences in how they work.

Automated features like smart responses and flows will work with a guest user during the 24 hour active period. Additionally, static features like the persistent menu and your bot's main menu will still be available.

Guest users will also be subscribed to your bot and will be visible in your subscribers list while they're active. Once they're inactive, they'll be removed from your subscribers list.

2.1. Opting In

A user in Guest Chat will only be able to opt in or out as their guest account. Currently, upgrading to a regular subscriber while in Guest Chat isn't an available feature but is in the works.

Guest users also won't be able to opt into your one-time notifications while interacting in Guest Chat.

If a user chats with your bot in Guest Chat, but opts in through another widget such as a pop-up or the add to cart checkbox, then they'll be subscribed to your bot with their regular Facebook account.

This means Guest Chat will only affect their interactions with your bot in the on-site chat widget.

2.2. Flows

Automated flows like abandoned cart messages and custom flows will still work in Guest Chat as long as the guest user is still in the 24 hour active period.

If the guest user manually ends the chat, then their guest account will expire and further messages won't be able to send.

An important note is that guest users won't receive Messenger notifications in Guest Chat, so they'll have to keep the chat widget open (or reopen it after minimizing it) to see any new messages.

Browse & cart abandonment messages

Guest users will be able to receive browse and cart abandonment messages during the active 24 hour period. Any relevant stats (such as revenue) will be recorded in your bot as well.

Learn more about cart and browse abandonment messages.

Order confirmations & shipping notifications

Order confirmations and shipping notifications will be able to work in Guest Chat as well. However, if the order isn't fulfilled within the 24 hour period, that means the shipping notification won't go through as the guest chat will no longer be active.

Learn more about order confirmations and shipping notifications.

Can guest users answer Questions?

Yes! Users in Guest Chat can interact with your Questions and even give information like emails. However, they won't be able to upload images, as that option isn't available in Guest Chat.

Any emails gathered from guest accounts can be synced into Klaviyo, but will do so as their guest profile.

Questions are found under the Campaigns section in your left-nav menu. You can learn more about them here, and check out details about our Klaviyo integration here.

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3. Toggling Guest Chat

Guest Chat can be removed from within your Facebook page's settings.

For more details on how to remove Guest Chat, check out this article.

Got any questions? Email [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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