With Octane AI's Klaviyo integrations, you can create a simple flow sending someone product recommendations via email when they complete your Shop Quiz.

Table of Contents

1. Add an email opt-in to your Shop Quiz

2. Add your results page custom properties to Klaviyo

3. Create results Segments in Klaviyo

4. Create a Flow for each results page

How does it work?

This works through custom Klaviyo properties that Octane AI assigns to your quiz answers and results, which you can use to automatically segment customers that submit their email in your Quiz.

In order for this flow to best work, you'll have to include an Email opt-in page in one of your Quizzes as well as your Klaviyo account integrated into Octane AI.

For quick reference, here's the data from a quiz opt-in that Octane AI can sync into Klaviyo:

  • Email

  • Quiz opt-ins (marked $source Octane AI quiz)

  • Custom properties:
    - Questions / answers
    - Result page the user landed on

Let's take a look at how you can set your Quiz up to send your quiz results through email when someone submits their email and finishes your Quiz.

1. Add an email opt-in to your Shop Quiz

Begin by making sure an email opt-in is included in your quiz. To do so, click on Add section and choose Email opt-in.

2. Add your results page custom properties to Klaviyo

Once you've added an email opt-in, you'll also have to make sure your custom properties are present in Klaviyo.

Although Octane AI will automatically create custom properties from your quiz for you, these properties won't be visible in Klaviyo until:

  • They've been synced at least once through the integration

  • The custom property has been manually added

Adding custom properties with profile syncs

Whenever someone completes your quiz and submits their email, a profile will be synced into Klaviyo automatically as long as your Klaviyo integration is set up.

You can use this process to add custom properties into Klaviyo before your quiz goes live by embedding your quiz into an unlinked page and trying a test run to each of your results page.

For information on how to embed your quiz, check out this page.

Adding custom properties into Klaviyo manually

You can add custom properties manually to a profile instead of syncing them. To do this, first go to your Profiles page in your Klaviyo dashboard.

From there, select an existing profile, preferably a test profile. Scroll down to the Information section, and click "Add" to add a new custom property.

From there, enter the Property and Value of the custom property you'd like to add.

By default, the property will be Octane: Quiz result and the value will be the internal name you've given the results page. However, if you've customized this in the quiz editor, it may be different.

3. Create results Segments in Klaviyo

At this step, you should have these steps completed:

  • The Octane AI Klaviyo integration

  • An email opt-in in your shop quiz

  • Results page custom properties in Klaviyo

From here, you can create Segments in Klaviyo for each results page. These segments will be able to automatically pull in anyone who gave you their email and landed on a particular results page, allowing you to send their results and opt-in incentives automatically from Klaviyo.

Navigate to Lists & Segments and click on a Create List / Segment button.

Select a Segment option and give it a name.

Under Definition, select "Properties about someone" and choose the settings Octane: Quiz results → equals → Results page value for the "Dimension" and "Dimension value" respectively.

Add any tags or other properties you want to target, and select "Create Segment" once your done.

This segment will now automatically pull in anyone that matches the Definition settings you created. Repeat this step for each of the results pages you'd like to send email follow-ups for.

4. Create a Flow for each results page

Once each of your desired Segments have been made, you'll need to create Flows that will send the actual emails. Navigate to Flows and click on the Create Flow button. Select + Create from Scratch option:

First, select a Trigger that will start the Flow. You'll want to choose one of the Segments you setup previously.

Next, we'll add an Action which determines what happens when someone triggers the Flow - that is, when someone is added to your results Segment. For this example, we'll have the Email send next.

Once you've added an Email as an Action, select the Email box to edit its contents.

You can include content such as the products featured on their results page, an email opt-in incentive or promotional information like sales and upsells.

You can modify each Flow, add a Time Delay or any other element if you'd like a more elaborate Flow. When you're finished, click Save & Exit in the top right corner:

That's it! Your Flow will be triggered automatically for each user who complete the Shop Quiz in your store.

Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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