When your Octane AI Klaviyo integration is active, all syncs into Klaviyo from Octane AI will sync into a single list.

If you have multiple email opt-in sources with Octane AI, such as onsite pop-ups, then this list will include emails from all Octane AI sources.

If you'd like to view emails that only came from your quiz, you can easily do that by creating a segment with the custom property $source: Octane AI quiz.

This custom property is automatically added to every email profile from users that gave you their email through your shop quiz. Here's a quick guide on how to create a Segment with that custom property.

1. Make sure the custom property has been added to Klaviyo

While Octane AI does automatically create this custom property for you, it won't appear in Klaviyo until it's either:

  • Synced into Klaviyo at least once

  • Has been added to Klaviyo manually

Adding custom properties with profile syncs

Whenever someone completes your quiz and submits their email, a profile will be synced into Klaviyo automatically as long as your Klaviyo integration is set up.

You can use this process to add custom properties into Klaviyo before your quiz goes live by embedding your quiz into an unlinked page and trying a test run to each of your results page.

For information on how to embed your quiz, check out this page.

Adding custom properties into Klaviyo manually

You can add custom properties manually to a profile instead of syncing them. To do this, first go to your Profiles page in your Klaviyo dashboard.

From there, select an existing profile, preferably a test profile. Scroll down to the Information section, and click "Add" to add a new custom property.

From there, enter the Property "$source" and the value "Octane AI quiz".

2. Create a Segment for Octane AI quiz emails

Navigate to Lists & Segments and click on a Create List / Segment button.

Select a Segment option and give it a name. Under Definition, select "$source" for the "Dimension" and "Octane AI quiz" for the value.

As long as you've added the property to Klaviyo, "Octane AI quiz" should automatically show up as an option.

If you'd like to make your Segment more specific, you can add additional requirements. Otherwise, click "Create Segment."

That's it! Your Segment will automatically populate with any email that someone has submitted through your shop quiz.

Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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