In order to send one-time notifications to your Messenger subscribers, they'll have to opt-in separately for your one-time notifications.

The amount of users you can send a notification to at any given time is indicated by the Eligible users number when viewing your one-time notification opt-ins:

Once you've sent a one-time notification, the number of eligible users will reset to 0 and you'll have to gather opt-ins again. Here are some best practices you can apply to your bot to maximize the opt-ins you get for your one-time notifications!

1. Add a one-time notification opt-in to your main menu

Adding a one-time notification to your main menus lets you gain passive opt-ins from subscribers interacting with you in Messenger from your Facebook page, or the Octane AI onsite chat widget.

Check out this guide on how to add a one-time notification opt-in to your Messenger bot's main menu.

2. Add a one-time notification opt-in to your Messenger flows

One-time notifications can be added into your Messenger flows, such as your cart & browse abandonment messages or even your Welcome message.

If you haven't created a one-time notification opt-in, Octane AI will have a default one that you can either add right away, or edit first. This can be a great way to funnel engaged customers into your one-time notifications.

3. Include an opt-in in your Facebook Messaging Ads

Facebook ads can be a great way to acquire one-time notifications as well. When creating a click to Messenger ad or sponsored message, you can add a one-time notification opt-in after a quick reply button.

Note: Facebook won't allow an ad to be created with the opt-in in the initial message.

This means you can include the most important information, like a call-to-action to your website, in the first message, with an opt-in for customers who are interested in further engagement.

4. Add an opt-in to the end of your one-time notifications

After you send out a one-time notification, the opt-ins for your one-time notification will reset back to 0.

This means you'll need to continue gathering opt-ins in order to send out multiple one-time notifications messages.

One effective way to keep users opted in is by adding one into the one-time notification message itself. All you need to do is add a quick reply to your one-time notification, and insert your opt-in afterwards. Customers interested in staying looped in will be able to sign up to receive your next one-time notification!

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