In order to add a one-time notification to your main menu, you'll have to create the following:

  1. A convo that includes your one-time notification opt-in.

  2. A custom main menu item.

First, let's create a convo that contains a one-time notification opt-in. This will work as the Messenger conversation that triggers when a user clicks the main menu call-to-action that we'll create later.

1. Create a convo in Octane AI

First, navigate to your convos page in the Octane AI dashboard by going to Facebook Messenger Convos in your left-nav menu.

You can use an existing convo, or create a new one. For this example, we'll make a standalone convo that simply triggers a one-time notification opt-in. Start by clicking on "New Convo".

2. Set up your convo contents

Once your convo is created, you'll need to setup several parts before the convo can be successfully saved. For this example, our goal will be to create a simple conversation that allows users to quickly understand and opt into our one-time notification.

  1. Convo image: this image will represent your convo but you can use a different one for your main menu button.

  2. Title and subtitle: the title and subtitle will be visible to users if your convo isn't hidden.

  3. Convo message: this is the message that will appear in Messenger when a user triggers your convo.

Adding a one-time notification opt-in is built into the convo editor! Simply select the bell icon when choosing what kind of content to add. This will pull up a pop-up that allows you to select which of your opt-ins you'd like to add (if you've created more than one):

Once your convo has been filled out, it should look something like the example below and is ready to be saved.

3. Create a new main menu item

Your Messenger bot's main menu can be updated in your dashboard by navigating to Facebook Messenger Main menu in your left-nav menu.

Just like the convo, you'll just have to select the "New Menu Item" button. When you're asked what kind of menu item you'd like to add, select Custom.

4. Add your convo to the main menu item

Add your convo to this main menu item by selecting the "Add a button" drop-down menu, and selecting "A Convo". This will allow you to select one of the convos you've created to trigger when users select this main menu button.

Once you've added your convo, you'll have to add the following components before your new main menu item can be saved:

  1. Image

  2. Title

  3. Button text

You can use a different image from your convo if you'd like - this will be the image that users actually see with your main menu item. The recommended image ratio for your main menu items is 2:1.

Then, all you need to do is save by clicking the "Add to menu" button.

Your main menu item will be added, allowing users to opt into your one-time notifications simply when interacting with you on Messenger. 🎉

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