Carthook features a Shopify app that allows you to build post-purchase funnels triggered by customer purchases during checkout.

As long as you're using the Carthook Post Purchase Offers Shopify app, you'll be able to use Octane AI on your Shopify store without conflicts.

How do Carthook Post Purchase Offers flows affect Octane AI?

Any flows you setup in Carthook's Shopify app won't interfere with any flows and features you've added to your website with Octane AI.

This means creating a seamless customer journey from when a visitor lands on your store all the way to post-checkout with Octane AI and Carthook is super easy.

Does Carthook Post Purchase Offers affect Octane AI's revenue attribution?

Nope! Octane AI and Carthook will both record revenue analytics correctly even if a customer interacts with both integrations on your Shopify store when making a purchase.

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