Zipify has multiple Shopify apps that allow you to create custom landing pages and upsell opportunities on your store.

As long as you're using Zipify's Shopify apps, you'll be able to use Octane AI on your store as well for a seamless customer experience.

How do I use Octane AI with Zipify One Click Upsell?

Octane AI works with Zipify One Click Upsell out of the box. Whether you're setting up pre- or post-purchase upsells for your customers, you'll be able to use Octane AI flows and features without any issues.

How do I use Octane AI with Zipify Pages Builder & Editor?

All you'll have to do is make sure you've installed both Octane AI and Zipify Pages Builder & Editor on your Shopify store.

With the exception of the add to cart checkbox, Octane AI features and flows including browse and cart abandonment reminders are fully compatible with Zipify's Shopify app. This includes both landing and product pages.

A great way to send more cart abandonment flows from your Zipify pages is with onsite pop-ups. With powerful visual and functional customizability, you can seamlessly integrate Octane AI's pop-ups into any page built with Zipify's Shopify app for a huge boost in revenue and engagement.

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