With the Bold Subscriptions and Bold Upsell Shopify apps, you'll be able to integrate subscription products and upsells with your store seamlessly with Octane AI.

I don't see Bold Subscription or Upsell in Octane AI's integrations.

There's no integration needed! You just need to install Bold Subscriptions and Upsell Shopify apps and Octane AI will be automatically compatible without any additional setup.

The Shopify app is required for compatibility, so there may be conflicts if your Bold integrations were done without the Shopify apps.

Can I use Bold Subscription / Upsell with Octane AI features?

Absolutely! A great example is using Octane AI cart abandonment messages to follow-up with customers that did not finish purchasing a subscription from your store.

All a customer has to do is opt-in to Octane AI before they abandon their cart.

How does Octane AI attribute revenue with Bold Upsell's Shopify app?

Revenue analytics will be accurately recorded in Octane AI and Bold Upsell's dashboards if a customer makes a purchase involving both integrations on your Shopify store.

If you have an Octane AI shop quiz on your website, then you should set your Bold Upsell trigger to "Before checkout" rather than "Add to cart" as the upsell offer will not trigger if a customer uses your quiz's add to cart button.

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