January 2021 marks a new year and new updates in Octane AI. Check out our release notes for the latest changes and improvements in Octane AI's eCommerce personalization toolbox.

Table of Contents

1. New Features

2. Improvements

3. Additional Resources

1. New Features 🚀

Horizontal answers


Shop quiz

  • List your multiple choice answers vertically or horizontally with a simple menu option.

This is especially handy for questions that have a large amount of answer choices.

Unsubscribes custom Facebook audience


Facebook ads

  • Boost the accuracy of your Facebook ads targeting with more options using a custom audience of users who unsubscribed to your Facebook page's Messenger.

2. Improvements 🛠️


  • You can now customize the URL customers are redirected to when they select the "Use code" button in your pop-up.

Shop quiz

  • Product Blocks are now called Content Blocks in the shop quiz editor.
  • You can now view engaged customer analytics for each individual quiz.
  • Quizzes will automatically automatically scroll when expanding an accordion in the shop quiz editor.

Facebook Messenger

  • Changed the text when someone chooses to stay subscribed to your Facebook Messenger to "Ok 👍".

3. Additional Resources 📚

Here's a quick video on how to use Content Blocks:

Check out this article for more information.

Want to learn more about pop-ups? Here are some useful guides:

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