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December 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Custom CSS in quizzes added for Enterprise users.


  • Octane AI can now collect SMS opt-ins from Shopify checkout.

November 2021


  • We now support Klaviyo's new v2 API, which better handles subscription and SMS consent!

  • Zapier integration is now available - customers on Pioneer and Enterprise plans can sync data to 3,000 apps with it.


Shop Quiz

  • Transition animation between sections can now be enabled for the quiz.

  • New stats were released for the quiz, and updates were made to some of the existing metrics

    New stats:

    • Start rate: The percentage of people who started the quiz out of those who viewed it in the selected time period.

    • Conversion rate (of those who reach results) The percentage of people who completed an order out of those who reached results page in the selected time period.

    • Conversion rate (of those who start the quiz) : The percentage of people who completed an order out of those who started the quiz in the selected time period.

    Renamed stats and formula updates:

    • Recommendations → Completions

    • People → Unique views

    • Engaged customers → Unique starts

    • Formula change: Completion rate used to be out of views, now it is out of starts. (Completions / Unique starts x 100)

    • Deleted answers/sections no longer show in the quiz stats - they're still available in the exported responses file.

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October 2021


  • The Octane AI Recharge integration has been released.

Shop Quiz

  • Images can now be linked with external URLs.

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September 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Emails and phone numbers collected in Octane AI are synced into Shopify.

  • Made some improvements to horizontally displayed product displays.

  • Improved optimization of product display settings for some edge cases.


  • SMS features must now be enabled to claim a unique long-code number for your brand.

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August 2021

Shop Quiz

  • You can now edit "View Cart" text in your quiz.

  • Hover animations for answers added as a default setting for all Shop Quizzes. Find this under the new Transitions & Animations section in your quiz settings.

  • The Save button will now turn red if a save error is present.

  • Button styles have been updated for a sleeker design.

  • Quizzes now include default sections (previously was an empty template).

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July 2021

🎉 Every Octane AI account now has access to more Monthly Engaged Customers. 🎉

Shop Quiz

  • Vertical product width reduced in quizzes, allowing more products to fit per row.

  • Default picture choice size changed from Auto to Large.

  • Default button style changed from secondary to primary.

  • Corner radius for buttons and answers can now be changed to more rounded options.

  • The ability to copy quizzes is now live. Use this to reset your quiz's analytics, or duplicate design settings to a new quiz.

  • Default quiz font updated. Now features a more elegant, brand-neutral look.

  • Product display default settings changed from Full Width and 1 product per row to Medium Width and 3 products per row.

  • Add to cart buttons now default to add to cart behavior (was previously go to checkout).


  • SMS broadcasts can now be scheduled based on customer timezones (must be 24 hours in advance).

  • Invalid phone numbers will no longer be collected through opt-in methods.

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June 2021

Shop Quiz

  • You can now embed quizzes in pop-ups. This includes welcome and exit intent pop-ups.

  • You can now set custom heights for Shop Quiz page embeds. Check out this guide for more details.

  • Added alignment options for Shop Quiz content (left, center and right).

  • Background images can be separately added for desktop vs. mobile devices.

  • Top Products will change with the selected date range for the page.


  • The amount of opt-in confirmation messages that have been sent can be viewed on the Analytics page.

  • Earning per message (EPM) metric added to SMS stats, showing how much you've earned per text message.

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May 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Content blocks can now be copied. Use the "Copy block" function to copy a content block into any results page.

Facebook Messenger

  • The 'Get Started' message in the Onsite Chat Widget can now be customized.


  • Use Placement options in pop-ups to prevent pop-ups from appearing on your post-purchase thank you page.

    • Pop-ups with discounts are automatically excluded from appearing on the post-purchase thank you page.

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April 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Unlocked the transparency slider in the shop quiz's color picker.

  • Added Image Scaling & Custom Image Ratio support for product images in the Shop Quiz tool.

  • Changed "Additional Content" to "Top Content" & "Bottom Content" in sections and results pages.

  • The Add All to Cart Button can now be added as Top or Bottom Content.

  • You can now use fit & fill options when cropping images in the Shop Quiz Tool.

Facebook Messenger

  • Japan has been added to the list of locations impacted by certain Facebook privacy policies.

The following features have been restored for users impacted by this policy. Check out this article for more information on Facebook's Messenger policies for users and pages located in Europe & Japan.

Add to cart checkbox

Facebook Messenger button functionality

Privy & Justuno integrations.

Video & audio content in Facebook Messenger.

  • You can now add the option to have customers opt-in separately for order confirmation messages.


  • Tracking URL, tracking company and tracking ID can be inserted into Messenger and SMS shipping notifications.

  • You can now choose the country displayed for your pop-up SMS opt-ins.

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March 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Multiple/Picture Choice questions can now use the Checkbox and Radio styles.

  • Question/answer data can now be exported as a .CSV file from the Shop Quiz stats page.

  • Added the Rich Text editor for text content.

  • New Shop Quiz Results Page design options. You can now access new options for product sizing and display on results pages.

  • Shop Quiz stats pages will now display Top Products.


  • SMS One Click Subscribes are now available for mobile users that opt in with their phone numbers through an Octane AI pop-up.

  • New SMS Order Status Flows were added to Octane AI. Order Confirmations & Shipping Notifications can now be sent via SMS.

  • A warning is now displayed before sending an SMS broadcast without a link.

  • Users will only receive the entire SMS abandoned cart flow once a month.


  • Added Pop-ups to Octane AI analytics.

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February 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Multiple/Picture Choice questions can allow multiple selections.

  • Added button-specific settings for the Shop Quiz editor.

Quiz Settings → Typography → Button

Quiz Settings → Color & styles → Button
  • Added the option to disable autoscrolling when your Shop Quiz is using the page body embed.

Quiz Settings → Layout → "Autoscroll content on page body embeds"
  • Shop Quiz stats pages will now display opt-in stats.

Facebook Messenger

  • Added the option to exclude products from Facebook Messenger flows using Shopify tags. Visit your Octane AI dashboard settings to use this feature.


  • SMS messages now support emojis. 😊

  • Double SMS opt-in has been enabled by default for all new Octane AI accounts.


  • You can now import a list of users that unsubscribed from another chatbot.

  • SMS subscribers are no longer collected from Shopify checkout.

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January 2021

Shop Quiz

  • Added horizontal answer styling to Multiple/Picture Choice questions.

  • Added the "Engaged customers" statistic to Shop Quiz stat pages.

  • The Shop Quiz editor now automatically scrolls when expanding an accordion at the bottom of the page.

  • "Product blocks" have been renamed into "Content blocks".

Facebook Messenger

  • You can now create a custom Facebook ads audience for users that unsubscribed from your Facebook page.

  • You can now create a custom Facebook ads audience for users that unsubscribed from your Facebook page.

  • Updated the notification text when a user decides not to unsubscribe from your chatbot to "Ok 👍".


  • You can now customize the URL for the Use Code button in pop-ups with discounts.

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