Content Blocks are used to add products to your results pages in our shop quiz editor. However, you can also use Content Blocks to customize your results pages by adding text, images, video or buttons - no products required.

Check out this video for a quick how-to:

You can also read along with the instructions below on how to add content blocks and use them to customize what your results pages look like.

1. Adding a Content Block to your results page

Content Blocks can be added on any results page, and can include more than one. Use content blocks to show off:

  • Products

  • Text

  • Images/Video

  • Buttons

Buttons can link to any custom URL, so it doesn't even have to be your store's website.

2. Navigate to the TOP or BOTTOM CONTENT sections in your results page.

If you do add any products to your Content Block, then where you add your other content will determine which side of the product entries it displays in.

3. Add your content to the Content Block.

Select "Add content" to choose what kind of content you'd like to insert. For this example, we'll use an image:

Hint: If you add a video, you'll have to use a Youtube or Vimeo link.

One you upload your image file, use the "Max width" field to adjust how large the image is (in px). Any changes you make here will be reflected in the quiz preview area.

4. Reorder your content by dragging and dropping.

Drag and drop your content to reorder it within the section you added the content to. This also works for reordering Content Blocks in the results page!

Got any questions? Send us an email at [email protected] or chat with us using the support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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