When you receive an SMS opt-in through Octane AI, you have the option of using double opt-ins or single opt-ins.

What is a double opt-in?

For stores that signed up for Octane AI on February 11th, 2021 and later, your Octane AI SMS opt-ins are set to double opt-ins by default which means someone will have to confirm their SMS opt-in with a text reply before they're eligible to receive your SMS campaigns and cart abandonment messages.

When single opt-ins are enabled for your account, customers will become an SMS subscriber after giving you their phone number without needing to confirm their opt-in.

Single SMS opt-in

Double SMS opt-in

Why should I use double opt-ins for SMS?

Double opt-ins are a great way to improve the SMS marketing experience for your store and your customers.

When your SMS opt-ins are single opt-in only, this can lead to some customers signing up for SMS marketing that didn't mean to - and may become frustrated with your brand as a result.

With double opt-ins, you can be confident that every SMS subscriber you send messages to have verified that they're interested in receiving texts from your brand. This means double opt-ins an easy and practical way to make sure that every phone number you gather is legally compliant, while benefiting the customer's experience at the same time.

Locating your SMS settings

The settings for your SMS double opt-ins can be found in your account's general settings

From this page, you'll be able to make changes to:

  • SMS Tracking URL: the URL used to shorten links in your SMS messages.

  • Double opt-in message: the message that's sent first when someone opts-in.

  • Confirmation message: the message that's sent when someone confirms their opt-in.

You can use double opt-ins without a confirmation message, but your SMS settings will have one by default. One great way you can encourage customers to confirm their SMS subscription is by editing the default confirmation message text to offer a discount instead.

Offering a discount code with SMS double opt-ins

Offering a discount for an SMS double opt-in can be a great move. By offering an incentive for your opt-ins, you're letting customers know right away that subscribing to your brand is a relationship that provides value for them and not just your store.

Adding a discount to your double opt-ins just requires these simple steps:

  1. Customize opt-in text to mention a discount.

  2. Customize the double opt-in message to reaffirm the discount.

  3. Add the discount code in the SMS confirmation message.

1. Customizing SMS opt-in text in pop-ups

When you add SMS opt-ins to any of your pop-ups, Octane AI will automatically generate confirmation text to make sure any phone numbers you gather are legally compliant.

You can change this text in the pop-up editor by navigating to your pop-up's Initial state settings under the Design tab. From there, just locate the "SMS Disclaimer" field.

You can advertise an opt-in discount in the pop-up text itself, or you can edit the SMS disclaimer text if you'd like to offer any SMS-specific incentives instead.

Customizing SMS opt-in text in your shop quiz

When you add an SMS opt-in to your shop quiz, you can offer a discount in the page title, or by adding additional text to the page.

Add text through the ADDITIONAL CONTENT tab to customize the font style for anything you'd like to add, like an SMS disclaimer.

2. Customizing the double opt-in message

You can customize the double opt-in message in your Octane AI Settings after enabling double opt-ins.

Even if you've offered a discount in your pop-up or shop quiz content, you may want to mention the discount again in the double opt-in message so that customers can be confident with subscribing.

3. Customizing the confirmation message

Under the double opt-in message, you'll have the option to edit the confirmation message as well. This is where you should include your discount code:

If you only use a pop-up, you can disable this confirmation message instead and send your discount code through your pop-up's SMS confirmation message.

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