Facebook Messenger flows such as Abandoned Cart Messages or Order Confirmations & Shipping Notifications include product details by default. With your Octane AI general settings you can also choose to exclude products from the messages sent by your flows.

Table of Contents

1. Octane AI General Settings

2. Exclude Products by Tag

2.1. Creating Shopify Tags

2.2. Adding Tag Exclusions in Octane AI

3. Exclude All Products

When should I exclude products from my Flows?

We only recommend excluding products from your Flows if you feel that the way products are displayed creates a suboptimal customer experience.

For example, if your store allows people to build custom versions of your product, abandoned cart messages might not pull the correct image inside of your Flows' messages.

Will excluding products remove them from abandoned carts?

Using the product exclusion settings in Octane AI will only remove them from the messages sent in your Flows. If a customer accesses their abandoned cart through your Octane AI flow, they'll still be able to check out with the full list of products they left in their shopping cart.

1. Octane AI General Settings

Your Octane AI general settings let you access certain options for a variety of features in your Octane AI account.

You can find your general settings in the Settings page found through your left-nav menu.

At the bottom of your general settings tab, you'll find the options to exclude products from your Facebook Messenger Flows.

With these options, you'll be able to:

  1. Exclude specific products using their Shopify tag.

  2. Exclude all products.

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2. Exclude Products by Tag

To exclude products by tag, you'll just have to add the Shopify tags you'd like Octane AI to leave out of the Facebook Messenger Flows that you send.

These tags can't be created in Octane AI, so you'll have to make them in Shopify first. If the tags you'd like to use already exist, skip ahead to step 2.2!

2.1. Creating Shopify Tags

You can add tags to a product in Shopify's admin dashboard by going to Products. Within a product's details page, you'll have the option to create or add an existing tag.

Once a tag is created, you'll be able to use it in Octane AI to control which products appear in your Messenger flows.

2.2 Adding Tag Exclusions in Octane AI

At the bottom of your Octane AI general settings, simply type in the tags you'd like to exclude and press "Enter".

Any products with the associated tags in Shopify will no longer be included in the messages sent with your Facebook Messenger Flows.

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3. Exclude All Products

The option to exclude all products entirely is available through a checkbox under your settings to exclude products by tag.

Enabling this will prevent the display of products in your Facebook Messenger Flows at all. Instead, customers will receive a Buy button that redirects them to your website to checkout with the shopping cart they put together.

You'll even be able to customize where the button in your Flow leads, if you'd like to add different options.

Your Order Confirmations & Shipping Notifications will also only include a button that lets customers view their order status on your website, rather than displaying the products they purchased in the Facebook Messenger Flow itself.

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