Within Octane AI, you can designate products to be left out of any Facebook Messenger flows you send using Shopify tags.

By using this feature, you'll be able to exclude products from being featured in:

Why should I exclude products from these flows?

When Octane AI sends a customer a message like a cart abandonment reminder, customers are given a selection of product recommendations from your Shopify store.

These product recommendations are chosen by Shopify based on certain criteria such as other products that are often purchased together.

Octane AI lets you mark specific tags to exclude from these recommendations, giving you more control over which of your products you recommend in your Facebook Messenger flows.

1. Creating tags in Shopify

Excluding products from Messenger Flows in Octane AI is done using Shopify product tags.

You can add tags to a product in Shopify's admin dashboard by going to Products. Within a product's details page, you'll have the option to create or add an existing tag.

Once a tag is created, you'll be able to use it in Octane AI to control which products appear in your Messenger flows.

2. Adding exclusions in Octane AI

You can create exclusions for Messenger flows in Octane AI by going to your account's general settings. This is done by navigating to Settings in your left-nav dashboard.

At the bottom of the settings page, you'll find the option to add any tags you'd like excluded. Don't forget to make sure any tags you enter here exist in your connected Shopify store, and have been added to the products you'd like to exclude as well!

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