Once someone is an SMS subscriber in Octane AI, you can set up order status flows that inform customers about their post-purchase order status through SMS.

You can find this feature by going to SMS Flows in your Octane AI dashboard.

Under Flows, you'll find links to the Order Confirmation, Shipping Notification and Order Delivery pages.

Table of Contents

1. Order Status Flows

1.1. Customizing messaging content

1.2. Order Confirmations

1.3. Shipping Notifications

1.4. Order Delivery

2. Gathering SMS opt-ins

1. Order Confirmations & Shipping Notifications

To enable Order Status Flows for SMS subscribers, simply click on the green switch by each feature's panel on the SMS Flows page or each individual feature's page.

These flows are OFF by default, so they'll only send once manually turned on.

1.1 Customizing messaging content

The default messaging includes a link to the customer's order on your website, but you can also customize the message that's sent.

Messaging content of SMS Order Status Flows can be edited by accessing the specific feature. From the SMS Flows page, click on the feature's panel that you'd like to edit.

You'll be taken to the feature's main page.

From there, locate the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page to start editing the message, or you can leave the feature with the default messaging.

1.2. Order Confirmations

Order Confirmations will be sent to SMS subscribers once they place an order on your website. The default message contains a link to the customer's order in your store.

The analytics displayed for SMS Order Confirmations can be viewed for a specific time period:

  • Sent: number of messages sent.

  • Cost: cost of messages sent.

  • Clicks: number of times the link in the message was clicked.

1.3. Shipping Notifications

Shipping Notifications will be sent to SMS subscribers once their order is fulfilled. The default message contains a link to the customer's order in your store, which allows them to track the order progress as well.

You'll also be able to add the following elements into a Shipping Notification SMS:

  • Tracking number

  • Tracking URL

  • Tracking company

1.4. Order Delivery

Order Delivery texts will be sent to a customer once their order reaches its destination. This is a great feature to minimize any customer's worries about their package's successful delivery.

Managing permissions

Before you can use Order Delivery flows, some users may see this banner on their dashboard:

If this notification is visible for you, this means your Shopify permissions for the feature are incomplete.

Simply click on Manage permissions to be redirected to the Shopify admin dashboard, where you'll be able to enable Octane AI to notify customers when an order has been delivered.

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2. Gathering SMS opt-ins

In Octane AI, you can mainly gather SMS opt-ins through the following features:

  1. Onsite Pop-up

  2. Shop Quiz

Onsite pop-ups can appear on your store while opt-in pages can be added to a shop quiz. Both features allow Email and Facebook Messenger subscribes in addition to SMS.

For more information on collecting opt-ins through these Octane AI features, check out the articles below.

Gathering opt-ins with Octane AI Pop-Ups.

Using opt-in pages in your Shop Quiz.

How do double opt-ins work with SMS Flows?

If you have double opt-ins for SMS enabled, then customers will have to confirm their opt-in before they can receive any SMS from you.

Not sure if you should use double opt-ins?

Learn why enabling double opt-ins can lead to a higher quality customer experience.

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