What are One Click Subscribes?

This is an opt-in feature available for pop-ups that lets people subscribe via mobile by sending an opt-in message with just one tap.

How does it work?

When the customer taps on the Subscribe button, they will be redirected to their phone’s messaging app in which they will see a predefined message and recipient.

From there, they will click on the send button which will subscribe them and send them a confirmation. The confirmation message is the one you have setup on your pop-up:

Setting up One Click Subscribes

To use One Click Subscribe, your pop-up must not include email or Facebook Messenger opt-in channels.

You'll be able to enable One Click Subscribes with an option located under your Phone opt-in channel inside of the onsite pop-up editor:

  • One Click Subscribes are only available for mobile users.

  • The code is unique per pop-up, so each additional pop-up that you create will have its own unique subscribe code.

Why should I set up One Click Subscribes?

One Click Subscribes will increase the quality of each SMS opt-in you receive through this setting. Since users have to send the code to confirm their opt-in, this means their opt-in won't just be fully compliant but confirms that each subscriber who uses One Click Subscribes is interested in receiving future communications from your account.

You can also use Octane AI's double opt-in feature, which is available for both desktop and mobile subscribes.

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