All Octane AI plans have access to unlimited quizzes. If you're not certain if your store could use any additional quizzes, here are some ideas you can use for inspiration.

1. Creating test quizzes. ๐Ÿงช

Any changes to an embedded quiz in Octane AI will be reflected in the live quiz as well. Creating a test quiz let's you try out new ideas and concepts without affecting your onsite, production version.

2. Make a quiz for acquisition ads.

Drive prospecting ads to a quiz that gathers data about your audience while gathering email, SMS or Facebook Messenger opt-ins.

You can use custom content to engage new visitors with an in-brand voice.

3. Create a retargeting quiz.

Build quizzes that have been personalized for your retargeting campaigns. You can collect more data about your customers while building a stronger relationship with them through engaging quizzes.

Post-purchase surveys and education-based quizzes are a couple of examples of quizzes you could link from retargeting ads.

4. Make a gift finder quiz. ๐ŸŽ

Gift finder quizzes are a great experience for a specific kind of customer - someone looking to purchase for someone else. Not only are gift finder quizzes quite useful, they're a powerful data gathering tool for your overall marketing strategy.

Special occasions like holidays are especially useful times to have a gift finder quiz around!

5. Create a quiz for different product categories.

If your store sells multiple types of products, it can be more effective to create multiple, specialized quizzes for your store. That way you can tailor your quizzes to match the purchase trends of each product's audiences, such as whether the product tends to be a single-item purchase or part of a multi-item purchase.

These are just some of many reasons why you might want to create more quizzes for your store. For best practice, you may want to consider having at least a second quiz for testing purposes.

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