Once you’ve built your quiz, it’s time to publish it for your customers and site visitors. Publishing your quiz as a pop-up is a great way to share a shorter quiz with customers, no matter where they are on your site.

In this article, you’ll learn when to publish a quiz as a pop-up and how to set this up.

Table of Contents

1. Benefits of publishing quizzes as pop-ups

2. Publishing a quiz as a pop-up

3. Quiz pop-up settings

3.1. Targeting

3.2. Design

1. Benefits of publishing quizzes as pop-ups

You should consider publishing your quiz as a pop-up when:

  • The quiz is less than 5 steps long. Pop-ups are fantastic for short quizzes, but if you’re working with a longer quiz, you should consider publishing as a Shopify page instead so they have a dedicated space for the more in-depth quiz experience.

  • You want to get up and running quickly. Publishing a quiz as a pop-up is faster and easier than publishing as a Shopify page.

  • You want to take advantage of other pop-up features like pop-up targeting. With pop-up targeting, you can trigger pop-ups on specific pages and for specific types of users (e.g., new or returning customers). You can utilize these features in your quiz pop-up as well, letting you share a really specific, personalized quiz with your customers.

You can also publish a quiz as a Shopify page!

2. Publishing a quiz as a pop-up

After creating your quiz, you can publish it by following the steps below:

1. In the quiz editor, click Save & publish.

The Save & publish button in the quiz editor.

2. On the Publish step, select Welcome pop-up or Exit intent pop-up. A welcome pop-up triggers when someone first comes to your site. An exit intent pop-up triggers when someone is about to leave your site.

The welcome pop-up and exit intent pop-up options in the quiz editor publish settings.

3. You’ll now be directed to the pop-up editor. You can choose to update the pop-up settings to customize the behavior and appearance of the pop-up. Once you’re happy, click Save.

The Save button in the pop-up editor.

4. When you leave the pop-up editor, you’ll see a notice in Octane AI where you can click Activate pop-up to turn it on. If you’re not ready to activate it quite yet, you can do so later from the Pop-ups page.

A banner notification in Octane AI that prompts you to activate your pop-up.

3. Quiz pop-up settings

In the pop-up editor, you can adjust the Targeting and Design settings to change the behavior and appearance of your quiz pop-up.

3.1. Targeting

Targeting settings let you decide when and where you should display the pop-up to customers.

🚀 Octane Plus merchants can use advanced targeting settings to target specific types of customers based on their site behavior, purchase behavior, etc. or based on the date and time. This makes it possible to really personalize your quiz pop-up to speak to a specific audience or to reflect upcoming events and holidays.

The targeting settings in the pop-up editor to control when the pop-up appears, stops appearing, and advanced targeting settings.

3.2. Design

Most of the design elements for your quiz pop-up, like the typography and colors, are controlled from the quiz editor (which you can access with the Edit quiz button), but you can manage some specific design settings the pop-up, such as:

  • Adding a side image

  • Rounding the pop-up corners

  • Changing the background

Note: These design changes will only impact the quiz in this pop-up, and not in any other areas where it’s published.

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