When you send an SMS broadcast with Octane AI, you'll have a couple of options that make sure your SMS are sent at optimal times based on your subscribers' timezones.

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1. Scheduling SMS Broadcasts

2. Quiet Hours for SMS Flows

1. Scheduling SMS Broadcasts

When creating an SMS broadcast, you'll have scheduling options displayed at the bottom. Clicking on this button will let you schedule your SMS campaign for a future date and time.

Inside of the scheduling settings, you'll find a checkbox that makes sure the time you schedule will be targeted to the timezone of each of your subscribers.

Using this option will require your campaign to be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advanced.

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2. SMS Quiet Hours

SMS Cart Abandonment Flows in Octane AI can be set to adhere to quiet hours. This means your subscribers won't receive any SMS flows during the hours you set in their local timezone.

You can find this option by going to the SMS Cart Abandonment page in your dashboard.

Are quiet hour options available for other SMS features?

At the moment, quiet hours are only available for SMS Cart Abandonment Flows. If you're interested in having quiet hours for other features, contact our team and let us know! 🔥

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