Octane AI includes order confirmation flows that you can send customers via Facebook Messenger, giving them updates on their order status in addition to a receipt.

You can learn more about Octane AI's order confirmation flows here:

When enabled, these flows will send to any customer once they place an order as long as they're a subscriber and fall within Facebook's 24 hour messaging rule.

When setting up your order confirmation flow, you can make order confirmation flows optional however by adding in an addition opt-in. This ensures customers are only receiving order information when they've specifically requested it.

What happens if I make order confirmations optional?

This means order confirmation flows will only send to subscribers who specifically use your order status page button.

If you don't enable this setting, then order confirmation flows will send to all subscribers who place an order with you and fall within Facebook's 24 hour messaging rule.

Enabling optional order confirmation opt-ins

When setting up an order confirmation flow, click on the edit button to edit the order confirmation message.

This will allow you to access the order confirmation edit screen. From here, you can use Octane AI's default template or create a message that's more on-brand for your store.

Note: Facebook's policies do not allow promotional messaging in order confirmation flows, which includes language about sales, discounts and any type of store promotion.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the option to enable order confirmation opt-ins.

You can enable this setting whether you're using the default template or a custom one.

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