Every account in Octane AI receives a unique long code number for use with SMS messaging features. This is a ten digit number that represents any texts sent by your brand.

Once you reach a certain amount of traffic with your Octane AI SMS features, you'll automatically become eligible for a toll free number instead. This is a ten digit number as well, but uses the 1-800 format and features certain advantages over a normal long-code number.

Keep reading to learn more about toll free numbers!

Table of Contents

1. What is a Toll Free Number?

2. Registering Your Toll Free Number

2.1. Toll Free Registration FAQ

1. What is a Toll Free Number?

Toll free numbers in Octane AI begin with 1-800 and are available for Octane AI accounts that send 40,000 or more SMS messages per month at no cost.

Here's a quick comparison between long code and toll free numbers:

Long code

Toll free

Monthly volume

0 - 2,000 / month

2,000 - 40,000 / month

Messages per second



Once your SMS volume increases over 2,000 messages in a month, your account will automatically receive a toll free number. However, to minimize the chances of your messages getting filtered by carriers, you'll have to register your toll free number which you can do inside of Octane AI.

If you are sending over 40,000 SMS messages per month, contact our customer support and we will help you choose the right next option for your brand.

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2. Registering Your Toll Free Number

Once you receive your toll free number, you'll be able to find it in your Octane AI dashboard's Settings page.

If you've received a toll free number, but haven't registered it yet, you'll see a banner that lets you access a registration form for your toll free number.

Inside of your toll free registration form, every field marked with a red asterisk is required.

2.1. Toll Free Registration FAQ

How should I fill out the use-case and how customers will be opting in to SMS programs?

The use case should mention that your number is for promotional content. The description for how customers will be opting in should include any opt-in methods you're using with Octane AI and through other platforms that you're gathering numbers through for use with your toll free number.

Which answer for the previous messaging service applies to me?

Since all Octane AI accounts start with a long code number by default, most users should select the "Long code" option in this part of the form.

In the "Numbers" field below, enter the long code number provided in your Octane AI Settings page.

What URL should I use in the "Corporate website" field?

We recommend entering your myshopify.com store link.

How do I figure out my "Monthly SMS volume"?

You can make an estimate for the monthly SMS volume. In the field above that, make sure you enter the toll free number provided in the Settings page.

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Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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